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By Mulengera Reporters 

At a glamorous ceremony at Imperial Royale Hotel on Wednesday, KCCA unveiled a grand IT-enabled innovation (CAM-CAMV) aimed at boosting revenue collection in order to enable Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, ED Dorothy Kisaka and other leaders at City Hall and the five City Divisions to serve the people of Kampala while delivering social services more efficiently. Gratefully, this is something we already reported about and here is our earlier story for reference

As was referenced by a number of speakers at the launch, noncompliance by property owners when it comes to meeting ground rent-related obligations is one of the major challenges KCCA continues to face in its efforts to raise revenue required to finance social services provision. And ironically, a number of Ministries Departments and Agencies of government (MDAs) rank highly among defaulters of ground rent which is one of the key revenue sources on which the City Authority has relied for years. All property/land owners in Kampala are, by law, obliged to annually pay a tax called ground rent to KCCA in relation to the property they own/operate business upon and that is one of the major sources from which the City Authority ideally must earn money to be able to sustainably finance social services provision.

In this part I of the investigations Mulengera News has conducted, we reflect on some of the bad-mannered and defiant MDAs which over the years have been reneging on their ground rent-payment obligations. In total, all the 21 MDAs combined owe KCCA over Shs4.6bn in ground rent arrears. This is at a time the City Authority badly needs money to finance the provision of social services to city residents.

Despite being near KCCA headquarers, the Office of the President is one of govt buildings which have been defaulting on payment of ground rent and our investigations show that their arrears exceed Shs500m

And the dilemma for KCCA is that, even when this defaulting has been going on for years, there isn’t much that can be done to enforce compliance because of the obvious political and logistical complications involved. The Uganda Police Force alone owes KCCA Shs686m relating to its numerous buildings which haven’t been paying ground rent.

Yet that isn’t all. There are many other defaulting MDAs including Matia Kasaija/Ruth Sebatindira-supervised UTL/Uganda Telecom Ltd (Shs103m), Office of the President (Shs505m), Stanley Sendegeya-led Uganda Railways Corporation (Shs110m), Uganda Energy Transmission Company Ltd (Shs100m), UEDCL (Shs122m), Kamwokya-based UEGCL (Shs24m), Ministry of Agriculture buildings along Buganda Road (Shs82m), UNRA/relating to their Kyambogo premises (Shs40m), Butabika-based CPHL/headed by Dr. Suzan Nabadda Ndidde (Shs59m), Okoth Ochola-led Uganda Police Force (686m) and Mbuya-based Defense Ministry in Nakawa Division (Shs124m).


Others are Gen Edward Katumba Wamala-headed Works & Transport Ministry (Shs232m), Uganda Post Ltd/basically Posta Uganda (Shs267m), Minister Muruli Mukasa-headed Ministry of Public Service (Shs86m), Mulago Hospital Complex (Shs972m/KCCA would receive all the bashing were they to close it down for noncompliance), Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (Shs145m), National Cultural Center/National Theatre (Shs46m), Dr. Jackson Orem-led Uganda Cancer Institute (Shs77m), Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB/Shs92m) and Minister Sam Cheptoris-headed Ministry of Water & Environment based in Luzira Nakawa Division (Shs228m).

Even when the default on ground rent for Uganda Police Force now stands at Shs686m & still growing, there isn’t much KCXCA can do because you still would require the same Polixce to effectively enforce compliance.

What is even more intriguing is the fact that majority of these ground rent noncompliant prime properties are located in the Central Business District where KCCA always realizes up to over 70% of its revenue collection because it’s the place where most of the taxable economic activities take place. It also goes without saying that this very glaring noncompliance by all these MDAs is one of the key factors constraining the City Authority’s efforts to improve service delivery.

Sources close to her say that Kampala Minister Hajjat Minsa Kabanda is equally appalled and intends to table the matter, regarding noncompliant MDAs, in Cabinet so that Gen Museveni can be moved to crack the whip on Ministers charged with overseeing the noncompliant MDAs.

Parliament is equally aware and there is keenness to comprehensively inquire into the matter so that the concerned accounting officers can be brought to book and compelled to explain why they are reneging on such very clear statutory obligations. “It’s a matter we as Parliament must inquire into thoroughly because we appropriate money for each of these MDAs to meet all these obligations. We are key stakeholders in Kampala because it’s the city where majority of us live even when we represent constituencies upcountry,” says an MP who sits on the Presidency & Foreign Affairs Committee which oversees cash-strapped KCCA among other MDAs. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at

Housed in Wndegeya, this structure (Public Service Ministry Headquarters) is one of the govt buildings which have been defaulting on ground rent accumulating the bill to Shs86m as of September 2021.

Mulago Hospital, headed by Dr. Byarugaba Baterana, is one of the govt institutions which for years haven’t been paying ground rent and their bill now stands at Shs972m & still growing.

The unpaid ground rent relating to this & other buildings is the
reason why Central Public Health Laboratories (aka UNHSL), which is headed by Dr. Suzan Nabadda Ndidde is being required to pay KCCA arrears amounting to Shs59m accumulated over the years.

This building is part of the reason why our investigations show that UETCL currently owes KCCA up to Shs122m resulting from ground rent which has gone unpaid for years.

This building is part of the reason why ULT appears on the list of ground rent defaulters due to KCCA to the tune of Shs103m.

This gigantic property is part of the reason why UBC owes KCCA Shs145m in unpaid ground rent accumulated over the years.

This Uganda Railways Corporation building, actually the headquarters, is one of the gov’t buildings which have been defaulting on ground rent. And as of today, URC owes KCCA Shs110m.

UETCL The Shs228m ground rent bill the Ministry of Water & Environment has accumulated over the years relates to mega buildings such as this one in Luzira Nakawa Division.

UETCL This National Theater building (aka National Cultural Center) owes KCCA Shs46m in unpaid ground rent accumulated over the years.

UETCL Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) hasn’tbee paying ground rent for its buildings including this one and their bill has since accumulated to Shs92m.

UETCL Uganda Cancer Institute’s Shs92m ground rent arrears accumulated over the years relates to buildings like this located at Mulago Hill.

UNEB headquarters is one of the govt buildings which have bee defaulting on grount rent-related obligations and our investigations show that their debt or arrears now stands at over Shs90m.







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