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By Mulengera Reporters

The driver to the top official at Uganda Land Commission (ULC), who recently fled with Shs120m bribe that was meant for his Principal (as reported here, has spoken out threatening to cause real trouble. Friends who spoke to the driver have since shared with Mulengera News about the circumstances under which the driver decided to upstage his boss by running away with the Shs120m bribe he was sent to pick on the Principal’s behalf.

That the impugned ULC official gets kickback on almost every transaction he/she sanctions. These include things like including landlords on the list of those to benefit from Land Fund in a given FY or quarter, those seeking lease extensions, fresh land allocations and the like. Gratefully, ULC has mandate over public land in many prime locations including Naguru, Nakawa, Bugolobi, Ntinda, Mbarara, Masaka, Entebbe and other towns; increasing eating opportunities for the top officials.

The driver, who has since fled his Kyebando residence on realizing the Principal intends to raid him to recover the Shs120m, says sometimes his boss sends his/her son to pick the kickbacks. That on completing school, the son concluded there was no need to look for the job as helping negotiate bribes for his parent would be rewarding enough. Indeed, whenever there is a new quarterly release from the Finance Ministry under the Land Fund, the son begins approaching those supposed to be paid. He tells them “you are going to be on the list for this quarter but you must part with so much or else you are postponed to the next FY.”

That is how the son follows up everything and once the money hits the account of the landlord, a fraction is surrendered to the influential ULC official through the son. The driver says because he had exhibited loyalty and extremely naivety, the ULC official and son came to take him from granted.

“I would be sent to go and pick money because these Land Fund beneficiaries sometimes get paid at the same time and there is picking everywhere on almost the same day. The son ends up not being able to go see all of them promptly and that’s is how I began to be sent to help out. I was devastated with their meanness because how can I deliver Shs500m or even Shs200m and you only give me 20k saying see you tomorrow? I had to assert myself and make myself rich too on the Shs120m which is just peanuts compared to what they collect every quarter each time the Finance Ministry releases money.”

The driver says he doesn’t intend to go back to ULC because the Shs120m he paid himself is something he would never have accumulated even if he worked for 100 years as driver. He is threatening to expose all he knows should the ULC official not prevail on his/her son to stop pursuing after him over the Shs120m. “I changed my residence and even changed phone numbers but that boy continues pursuing me. They will have themselves to blame if they don’t let me be.”



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