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Fresh Kid (real name Patrick Ssenyonjo) looks up to Emmanuella and DJ Arch who are popularly the youngest talents Africa has witnessed. In Uganda, Baby Gloria was the first youngest multi talent to penetrate the music scene at the age of 2 years and 8 months with her hit single “Mummy Mummy Sisobola Kukyawa.”

Fresh kid also broke the internet when Douglas Lwanga posted a video of him on his social media platforms advertising his purple party tour and Ugandans were champing at the bit to witness fresh young talent on the music scene.

Upon his way to stardom, Fresh Kid has faced difficulty from copious people including minister Nakiwala who was concerned about the unhealthy environment the 7-year-old was involved in. However, he was also disapproved by some societies who hated him for arrogancy, boastful and bombastic manner.

Fresh kid has been at logger heads with DJ Fikie who claims he introduced Fresh Kid to main stream media.DJ Fikie parted ways with fresh kid because his co-manager Francis Kamoga couldn’t agree with issues they had earlier discussed. Wembly Mo has also been accused of swindling the young star’s fame and was discredited by the controversial young rapper and yet Wembly claims he brought him from the village to his foundation where manager Francis picked him up.

In the late 2000’s, 13-year-old rapper Young Zee that was signed to Swangz Avenue after his awe-striking appearance on Channel ‘O’ Awards attained the hype Fresh kid is experiencing. His seamless rhyming came at a great foot for someone of his age. His delivery was satisfactory and this is how he won Ugandan’s hearts but all this was in vain when he went abroad to focus on education. He returned to the country last year to revive his music career with a comeback song titled ‘give dem’ but went un noticed.

“Uganda’s music industry is vibrant and keeps changing every day that goes by. Keeping up is very challenging,’’ said Karole Kasiita.

Baby Gloria’s mom told NTV that the only reason her daughter has been able to be consistent in the music industry is because they passed through the right channels while nurturing her talents.

She later revealed that not putting money at the forefront of her career and realizing that music or fame wasn’t the main goal throughout her career have led to her achievements today, accompanied with a good education.

At the age of 7, Fresh Kid is the bread winner in his family. It is this excuse that has helped him win hearts of Ugandans who suggest that he should focus on music and neglect education. Fresh Kid stuns and makes all right-thinking Ugandans wonder when he insists on his narration of “Ndabye ennaku” meaning that he has suffered enough, asking themselves on what kind of suffering the 7-year old boy has seen.

While resigning, DJ Fikie revealed that Fresh Kid doesn’t go to school although his manager told him to insist that he studies at St. Agnes, a school in Kawanda.

Despite Minister Nakiwala’s effort to keep the youngster in school, she has been criticized for intervening thus leaving no choice for her but to rest her case.

However, the rise of Fresh Kid has given courage to young talents such as Kapiripiti and some who have gone unrecognized simply perhaps it isn’t their time yet. We wish you luck Fresh Kid. For comments, call or text us on 0704142939.



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