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Biijabyonka Bisaka was aged 45 years

By Mulengera Reporters

Kagadi-based Prophet Owobusobozi Bisaka (born Desteo Bisaka) risks losing multitudes of his followers after losing his own son (Biijabyonka Bisaka) in circumstances that have forced many followers to begin questioning the man’s own spiritual teachings. Calling himself ‘god,’ Bisaka has always promoted the view that there is no death for those who subscribe to his “Owobusobozi” religious beliefs. Because the news of ‘god’ Bisaka’s own son’s death risked eroding followers’ confidence and contradicting the man’s own central message of death not being real, his close aides ensured the entire thing was kept secret. “It remains a top secret up to this point in time and those who attended it were strictly by invite.  And even the very lucky few who were invited to the burial were heavily restricted and gagged to the extent that smart phones weren’t allowed into the burial grounds,” says an influential member of Prophet Bisaka’s spiritual group. The very secretive burial took in Kagadi Muhooro inside Bisaka’s palace. The 45-year-old left 11 wives and 22 children. He had strange symptoms prior to his death including endlessly vomiting blood. It’s for that reason that the actual cause of the controversial Bisaka’s son remains officially unknown.

Some critics have sarcastically said that since Bisaka calls himself ‘God,’ then he should cause the resurrection of his son just like the Biblical God raised his son Jesus Christ from the tomb after just three days. “Failing to do that will deprive him of bragging rights to continue calling himself God,” says one of the theologians who has always been contemptuous of Bisaka’s message. The same scholar adds; “He always tells people he is God who heals diseases; how then could he fail to heal his own son? All this does one thing and that’s contradicting his message.”

In his brief summon to the small gathering, Bisaka consoled himself by saying his son will resurrect some day. He also said the fact that Jesus was son of God (who he doesn’t believe in by the way because he considers himself to be God) but still died is indicative what befell his son shouldn’t alarm any of his followers. But the truth is Bisaka risks losing more followers should the promised resurrection of his son fail to take place in the coming few days as anticipated.

The burial ceremony for Bisaka’s son was deliberately low-key to avoid his own message on death (and himself being God) not being contradicted


He was born Desteo Bisaka and originally a teacher and catechist in the Catholic Church in Kibaale Western Uganda. Then in 1980 he claimed to have seen a revelation which resulted into him being vested with powers to heal and save. With this new conviction, he then left the Catholic faith and founded his own church, Faith Unity in 1981.
He also changed his name to Owobusobozi (he who is all able) and wrote a book his followers use as their Bible. Bisaka’s followers who are concentrated in Kibaale, Kyenjojo, Kabarole and Mubende districts believe he is ‘God’ himself. They accordingly take off their shoes and kneel whenever they come into his presence. They also emulate deity by wearing white clothing to worship and practice polygamy. The 88-year-old Bisaka practices the polygamy he preaches by having five wives himself with whom he consummates marriage on a daily basis. Besides polygamy, his teachings have always stressed non-existence of death. Some followers fondly call him Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi Bisaka, something he always feels very good about.  (For comments, reach us on 0200900416 or email us at



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