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By Mulengera Reporter

First Lady and Education and Sports Minister Janet Kataaha Museveni has dismissed reports that she was considering postponing the reopening of educational institutions to candidates and finalists as directed by the President in his recent plan to ease the lockdown.

While updating the country of the status of implementation of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government manifesto for the education sector at State House Entebbe on Saturday, Ms Janet Museveni said there was no way she would contradict the president’s position because it had been approved by Cabinet in which she is a member.

“I have seen a letter that somebody put in the social media and claimed it was me, even put my name there. I thought really Ugandans are incredible because how can they even put my name there,” noted the First Lady. “That letter is not from me. There is no way I would bring up ideas contrary to what the president.”

On when the Ministry will issue the revised calendar for schools opening up to candidates and finalists, Ms Museveni said: “It has to be soon, I can’t tell you exactly when. We are discussing and we have many concerns now like I am sure more than ever. Before these children go back to school, we need to have all the answers ourselves so that we can guide the schools.”

“So, we are having meetings internally in the sector and we are brainstorming on these and we would like to hear even from parents themselves.  As a ministry and I will soon address the parents, schools and head teachers on what to do to ensure safety of candidates as they report back to school. I can’t say when exactly but soon, most likely early next week.”

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