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By Mulengera Reporters

After delivering his master ruling acquitting Dr. Kizza Besigye of the rape charges, Justice JB Katutsi declined being judge in subsequent matters involving the veteran opposition leader saying he wasn’t comfortable becoming a specialist and an expert on “Besigyeism.” Those many years ago it was “Besigyeism” causing many judges to become Besigye-phobic because of the huge political interest the Musevenist state would be having cases involving the retired army colonel.

Today, several years later, Bobi Wine Kyagulanyi Sentamu (the new Besigye on the political scene) finds himself faced with similar dilemma if not more complicated. Challenging his ongoing house arrest and confinement along with his wife Barbie Itungo, Kyagulanyi on Monday applied to High Court seeking an order directing the Attorney General, the IGP Okoth Ochora and CDF David Muhoozi to get soldiers and policemen out of his residence so that he can freely go about his business.

The applicants’ lawyers couldn’t believe their eyes and ears when efforts to have the file allocated to a judge hit a snug after two of the leading Justices at the Civil Division of the High Court in Kampala declined presiding over. Justice Esther Nambayo was the first to decline saying she already has more than enough cases involving NUP/PP or Kyagulanyi supporters in her chambers.

Then Justice Musa Sekaana, the newly appointed head of the same Court, equally declined hearing the simple application claiming he isn’t comfortable taking on any more cases involving Kyagulanyi having delivered the famous ruling against Moses Nkonge Kibalama and others who were challenging the change of name from NURP to NUP.

They were also challenging the circumstances under which Kyagulanyi became Party President for NUP. Sekaana saved the day by finding that Kyagulanyi was the appropriate leader of NUP paving way for the country’s youngest political party to successfully sponsor candidates. Sekaana thinks he has done enough regarding NUP cases too.

Luck only came the way of Kyagulanyi’s lawyers when the outgoing Head of Civil Division Justice Michael Elubu reluctantly accepted to be allocated the application which will be heard on Thursday at the High Court in Kampala. The matter is being pursued by NUP lawyers Anthony Wemmeli and Geofrey Turyamusiima acting on behalf of the caged Kyagulanyi couple. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at



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