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By Mulengera Reporter

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) says the only constitutional amendment it will support is one that works out modalities for a transitional government from President Yoweri Museveni’s rule.

On Friday, FDC President Patrick Oboi Amuriat told MPs on the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee that the party had learnt of a plan to change the constitution to help President Museveni of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) stay in power even without being reelected.

“This is not the occasion to exploit the pandemic and amend the Constitution purposely to profit, secure and advantage some individuals or groups interested in retaining power by all means necessary. That would be selfish, counterproductive and most unfortunate,” said Amuriat who had been invited to give the largest opposition party’s position on the proposed Electoral Roadmap that banned political rallies, restricting campaigning to media channels.

“FDC does not support a hastily undertaken constitutional amendment that is merely aimed at re-arranging our politics in light of the Covid19 pandemic.”

He further argued that the constitution in its current form had the requisite provisions to guide on what should be done if the state feels that the current Covid19 situation cannot allow the holding of the 2021 general elections in the manner it prescribes.

“Should it be inevitable, for the country to stray into murky waters of constitutional amendment, the only constitutional amendment the FDC would propose is for the introduction of a TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT, which will cater for a situation of no elections at a time when they are constitutionally supposed to take place and the term of the current government is elapsing.”

He added that the EC should have advised the president to declare a state of emergency and push elections ahead instead of preparing for a scientific poll that could throw many out of the democratic process.

“Besides ‘campaigning digitally’, there’s genuine fear that at the eleventh hour, the EC and Government may further exploit the pandemic to impose on us another aspect of ‘voting digitally’ within the context of a ‘Scientific Election’ which is not recognised in our constitutional order,” he predicted.

“All this instability, fear, chaos and confusion arise from the refusal by the government to declare a State of Emergency, at the earliest opportunity to enable the management of the Republic in a transparent and accountable manner during this crisis.”

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