By Simon Turibamwe

FDC President Patrick Amuriat Oboi has revealed how the former party President Dr Kizza Besigye has been a target of assassination in this country. He said that the Rtd Col is one of the lucky though intelligent Ugandans who has survived several attempts, the most serious one being Arua last year where plans were finalized to eliminate him but survived after his intelligence briefed him. He said that he confidently talks about the assassination plans against Besigye because there is evidence on record for all the attempts. “I don’t fear talking about assassination plans against Besigye because we have evidence,” said Amuriat. Amuriat who is serving his first term as FDC president said that, Besigye has been targeted in Rukungiri, Arua and Kampala where all the attempts were frustrated by party intelligence team. Featuring on NBS’ popular Morning Breeze program Amuriat added that what Besigye faced at Bulange was not a mere insult as perceived by many but it had a killer motive behind it. Amuriat went on to say that as FDC, they have investigated whoever was involved in planning, execution and accomplish of the Bulange attack by people claiming to be People Power cadres and have known the truth. Amuriat made the revelation that those who orchestrated the Bulange move created a lighter image but their agenda was to harm Dr Besigye and blame Bobi Wine. Defending the People Power’s red headdress, Amuriat said that: “Because red flag was a symbol of defiance that accommodated all, and people power being the slogan though later transformed into a pressure group we still respect any one raising the red flag and when we saw those people in red we thought they were comrades in defiance yet they had also planned to appear like us and harm our president but our force handled them.”


Dr Kizza Besigye

The FDC party boss revealed that much as the FDC is not violent, it is also none tolerant to violent attacks and they are prepared ever to defend themselves. “Without asking for state protection we have mechanisms to protect Dr Besigye because he is the choice of the people. The population recognizes him as their president whom they voted to power in 2019 and power was grabbed from him,” Amuriat said. He said that the party will continue to give Besigye security until they capture power. When asked what the main agenda of FDC is today, he said that the only agenda is to capture power and organize the state which has been disorganized by the current regime. On coalition, he said that FDC is ever talking to comrades in the struggle for change because they believe in team work and the aim of all opposition parties is the same. For comments, call or text us on 0752510225.                   



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