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It seems like every other episode of the after 5 show is the most dramatic ever and sometimes the dramatics become true.

The behavior of the internet trolls makes me say “is this happening? “ Douglas Lwanga hosted Movit’s commercial brand and gospel singer baby Gloria. Tedious discussions with issues ranging from her music carrier to her personal life were drawn.

Anitah Fabiola during the famous Katch up show on NBS TV

Naughty fans who followed the after 5 show made it clear that the internet isn’t his Jaja’s (Lwanga grandparents’) home where he would be cuddled and praised.

After the lengthy interview, internet trolls were explicit about their observation that baby Gloria and Douglas Lwanga could actually make a good couple.

This heated up a long-winded confab among the online society thinking and excited not until they noticed a height difference between the two.

Yes, the dramatics here are on course, Douglas is way shorter compared to the innocent looking baby Gloria even without her high heeled shoe on. Lwanga is always haunted by his height at every stage he steps as revelers keep on heckling him stand up. In some photographs where Lwanga features with female friends and colleagues he has not beaten any one in height. It’s a known fact that besides DJ Mercy, the after 5 cast is made up of short award-winning personnel. Yes, they know it and even pin each other on live TV about who would take the next trophy for the shortest.

However, apart from being outcompeted by his female friends, Lwanga sometimes misses out on the trophy as it has been carried by DJ Roja and MC Kats respectively whenever it is brought up. For comments, call or text us on 0704215260.



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