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By Mulengera Reporters

The late Dr. Simon Kagugube was a devout Catholic ever taking his sacraments but that never prevented him from practicing polygamy to the extent he left three wives including 45-year-old Allen Nagawa. The other 2 wives, who preceded Allen Nagawa of the Kansanga residence, are senior wife Eve Kagugube of the Gayaza residence and wife number 2 Jenifer Kagugube of the Bukoto residence based in Mukalazi zone. Late Kagugube also had another plush residence in Ntinda from where he initially used to consummate his marriage with Allen Nagawa, the very talkative flamboyant and outgoing lady he started dating in the late 1990s when they both worked in URA.

Dr. Simon Kagugube with Doris Akol who is one of the many employees he supervised at URA in his capacity as Board Chairman

Mulengera News research indicates that the very pompous and outspoken Allen Nagawa was in the Makerere BCOM class that graduated in 1997 and she was always a go-getter. She got job in URA immediately because she was always aggressively pushing for opportunities. At URA, she was pretty, outgoing and very outspoken (sometimes vulgar like Stella Nyanzi) and that’s how Dr. Kagugube, who was a Commissioner, easily took note of her. He liked her for being fun-loving and outgoing just like himself. “She was a nice-looking young lady who liked being happy just like Dr. Kagugube and the two liked each other instantly,” says an old friend adding that at the time she met Kagugube, free-spirited Nagawa already had a child with some other person. With Kagugube, who in total left 10 children, Nagawa had four kids. On getting the URA job, Nagawa exhibited plenty of shrewdness as a customs officer, made a lot of money and built a powerful house in just 6 years. There was some transition and when Allen Kagina became CG, Allen Nagawa (her namesake) was among those URA employees that weren’t happy and subsequently suffered her wrath.


In his will, which some say was inspired by late James Mulwana’s, Kagugube decreed that nobody should ever look at his dead body. Arguing when you died its time to rest in eternal peace, humorous Kagugube decreed that there should never be anything like public viewing of his body.  Perhaps being aware there would be chaos resulting from his belligerent wives, Kagugube also decreed that there can only be a vigil at one of his plush homes if the three spouses agree on which home should host mourners. That in case they disagree, he was okay his body being kept in the hospital or funeral home from where he can be driven to Mawagga-Namayunju village near Ttanda (Baganda traditions teach it’s the headquarters of death) on the outskirts of Mityana Municipality whose Mayor Esther Ndyanabo says they have lost an irreplaceable pillar of community development in Dr. Kagugube’s death.

Indeed, as Kagugube must have anticipated, his three belligerent widows were on Sunday unable to agree on who should host the vigil notwithstanding efforts by his close friends, led by Eng Enock Lusambwa, to build some understanding around the issue.  Having failed to agree, the three widows ended up each organizing their own vigils and at Kansanga where most favored Allen Nagawa lives, Fr. Blaise Zzimbe Sebizibu (formerly of Mak St. Augustine’s Chapel) led the mass on Sunday evening to pray for the deceased.

At the Bukoto residence, St. Andrews Church’s Rev Michal Bwami joined Jennifer Kagugube and other mourners for another prayer service to pray for Dr. Kagugube’s soul. At Kansanga, Ntinda Parish Priest Fr Edward Muwanga (who joined Fr. Blaise Zzimbe) implied Dr. Kagugube was indeed more fond of youngest Allen Nagawa than any of his other spouses. Fr. Muwanga, who led Dr. Kagugube into saying his final prayer inside Nakasero hospital, says the deceased was happy when he saw him and even cracked a few jokes. That he told him he had realized how life can change in such a short time and that he couldn’t understand why medics decreed the taking away of him phones from him. He asked Fr. Muwanga to lend him his phone. He read Allen Nagawa’s number and asked the priest to place the call through which he did. “I want to bid her farewell,” Kagugube jokingly said as he laughed with the priest. He sarcastically spoke to Nagawa before saying goodbye.

Dr. Simon Kagugube with Doris Akol who is one of the many employees he supervised at URA in his capacity as Board Chairman

Widow Jennifer Kagugube recalls that trouble began on Saturday 1 February when her husband’s situation escalated. He said he wasn’t feeling well and they rushed him to Victoria Medical Center in Nakasero Lumumba Avenue. He was diagnosed to have heart complications but the situation kept worsening warranting a referral to Nakasero hospital where medics worked hard to restore his proper blood flow but they were unsuccessful. It was considered prudent to fly him to Nairobi but the fragile situation he was in made that unwise. It was decided that one of his sons flies to Nairobi from where he would send his medication daily. Widow Jennifer Kagugube says in total this Nairobi medication cost the family $12,000 (roughly Shs45m).

Earlier in the week, Dr. Kagugube registered good progress impressing it on his family he would return home better on being discharged. But on Thursday the situation unexpectedly escalated in ways even the medics couldn’t explain. The medication from Nairobi couldn’t save him anymore because the more he took it, the more he grew more frail-nearing death. On Saturday, Nakasero hospital medics emerged from the ICU, where he had been confined since Thursday, to deliver the bad news that the very successful corporate leader, with a PhD in law, was gone.

His brother Andrew Seguya says today Monday, a requiem mass had to be held in St. Charles Lwanga Catholic Church in Ntinda with Kasana-Luwero’s Bp Paul Semwogerere being chief celebrant. The final vigil will be in Mityana with mass being held at St. Matia Mulumba Catholic Church in Ttanda Mityana whereafter he will be buried Tuesday 18th February at 2pm. His best friend Eng Enock Lusambwa anticipates a befitting send off and burial ceremony in which dignitaries from both Buganda and Central governments are expected to participate. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 or email us at



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