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By Mulengera Reporters 

Information coming in indicates that there will most likely be another NRM retreat at Kyankwanzi for the entire caucus and this could be shorter and take fewer days than the one that has just been concluded. Mulengera News understands that the party top leadership realizes there is need to urgently return to Kyankwanzi and have another retreat for a day or two to help the new MPs integrate with old colleagues who have been in the house longer.

Sources say that this meeting of the entire caucus could actually happen in the very first days of the month of May and the aim is to try and deepen the creation of consensus on the very divisive issue of Speakership race. That it’s very likely that CEC, some of whose heavyweights like Moses Kigongo have so far failed to hide their admiration for Rebecca Kadaga and their wish to have her continue for 3rd term, might fail to resolve the issue of who to endorse.

“There are wide spread fears that Mzee might fail to resolve the matter through CEC hence the need to refer the same to the caucus of the entire NRM fraternity for the 11th Parliament where a vote could be held to determine who must carry the day,” said a source adding that Jacob Oulanyah, some of whose supporters are already reflecting on the possibility of becoming an acting President someday, might end up becoming the Vice President in case Kadaga bounces back as will most likely be the case given the numerical strength of her support among individual MPs.  

Some of the senior MPs who bounced back are excited about the prospect of another retreat so that, especially the male ones, can have the opportunity to have a closer look at the likes of Kanungu Woman MP Patience Nkunda Kinshaba and Esther Afoyochan the Zombo Woman MP-elect who they have repeatedly been told are very generous, beautiful and seductive to the extent that they were the center of focus for many male MPs at the just ended NRM retreat for the newly elected MPs.

The very stunning and allegedly generous legislator Afoyochan (polling 44,192 votes) replaced long-serving Northern Uganda Minister Grace Freedom Kwiyucwiny who had been Woman MP since 2011. Having lost primaries, the Minister didn’t bother standing leaving Afoyochan (who stands high chances to become tourism Minister because of her stunning looks) to tussle it out with DP’s Sarah Adong who polled 17,254 votes.

Some are excited about the booze, bull roasting and many other merry-making activities that are synonymous with all the ruling party retreats at Kyankwanzi. But there are also proposals that the upcoming caucus meeting should be held at alternative venues like Kololo Airstrip or even Namboole which are equally wide enough to enable the appropriate observance of the Covid SoPs like physical distancing.  (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at

Senior NRM party and government leaders strategize during the just ended Kyankwanzi retreat.



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