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By Mulengera Reporters 

In his letter dated 9th May 2022, NRM Kamuli Treasurer Moses Kizige (until last year an influential MP and Minister in Gen Museveni’s government) implores NRM Secretary General Richard Todwong to consider asserting himself by severely sanctioning or punishing former Speaker of Parliament (and now Minister) Rebecca Kadaga and 11 other senior party leaders in Kamuli (including 3 MPs) for acting in a manner that amounts to insubordination and disrespecting the party Secretariat in Kampala.

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This is in relation to who should serve as NRM Administrative Secretary for Kamuli district. As we explained in our earlier coverage, the Administrative Secretary is a sensitive position in NRM especially during the party primaries which the party’s EC always oversees through the same office. So whoever desires to become or remain flag bearer for the ruling NRM, naturally has interest in who becomes the Administrative Secretary.

It’s against this background that members of the Kadaga camp (who evidently still have some upper hand in Kamuli politics) recently became aggrieved when SG Todwong designated former Minister Isaac Musumba (who they dislike and can therefore not count on) to keep holding the position in acting capacity until a substantive one is recruited.

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Isaac Musumba, renowned for his pragmatism and adaptability, was chosen to hold forte because being the ruling party’s General Secretary in the district makes him the natural person to serve in acting capacity, according to Todwong who went ahead to quote and cite what he said were the relevant provisions in the NRM Constitution.

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The Todwong position since weeks ago, when it was first proclaimed, was rejected and actively disputed as erroneous by members of the Rebecca Kadaga camp with the likes of District NRM Samuel Bamwole and MPs Martin Muzaale, Henry Maurice Kibalya and John Teira being the most outspoken. Muzaale is the man who defeated Isaac Musumba with the active support and endorsement of Kadaga. The other two, just like many other elected leaders in the district, equally had her support because that time she was still very powerful being the Speaker of Parliament whose word very few in NRM dared to question.

In total defiance of the Todwong directive requiring the District Executive Committee to tolerate Isaac Musumba until the Secretariat issues guidelines to be followed when designating and recruiting a new Administrative Secretary, Bamwole, Kadaga and other leaders went ahead to ratify or endorse efforts to commence the processes to recruit a new one while disputing Todwong’s interpretation of the NRM Constitution.

Consequent to one of their many meetings, the 12 defiant Kamuli DEC members wrote to Todwong on 5th May 2022 to formally register their displeasure at his insistence to have Isaac Musumba as opposed to letting the NRM Kamuli leaders autonomously recruit their own person to serve as Administrative Secretary.


And it’s this for this well-illustrated defiance that Moses Kizige, who the President has since deployed to serve as an Ambassador (having lost his MP seat and subsequently Cabinet position), wants the Secretary General Richard Todwong to crack the whip real hard not just on Kadaga but the other 11 leaders flocking with her in this defiance activism clearly contradicting the party position. The others include Bamwole, the 3 MPs, Kalori Dhizaala, Majid Bagoole, Julius Mulamba, Aziz Luwambo, Joy Nakyesa, Frank Sanyu and Charles Mugude.

In a related development, Isaac Musumba has vowed to hold on to the acting position and loyally serve his party until the appointing authority (whoever that is) issues contrary directives. He has also made it clear that he is into this for the love of his NRM party and not for money because there isn’t that much pay after all. He has severally challenged Kadaga, Bamwole and others who want him out of the position to make their case based on the appropriate interpretation of the party Constitution. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at



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