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By Mulengera Reporters

Former Kampala Woman MP Nabillah Nagayi has evidently fallen on hard times and is currently doing many things to make ends meet. For instance, her Buziga home which her longtime friend Prof Baryamureeba recently conquered following the fleeing back to Canada of her estranged husband Isaac Sempala, has since been partly converted into a suite rentable by those looking for where to have their one night stand from. The annex is these days rented by tourists and those stranded travelers looking for temporary accommodation.

Prof Baryamureeba, who must have given up about ever being remembered or deployed by Gen Museveni, enjoys the luxury of the other part of the residence. The Computer wizard (who Gen Museveni says onetime shamed professors when he failed a simple task he gave him) used to be equally great friends with ex-NTV General Manager Agnes Konde who these days fears coming near him suspecting the same could anger and unsettle the more gorgeous Nabillah Nagayi.

Besides diversifying the usage of the posh Buziga residence, Nabillah has also revitalized her other modest real estate investments including refurbishing her small bu-rentals near Masajja in Makindye Sabagabo. Each of these Masajja units fetches the ex-MP an average of Shs150,000 per month. She also has the Nakigalala farm though Isaac Sempala’s brother Faruk Ntege hasn’t stopped to menacingly looking at the same property too.

Because schools have lately not been very good business, Hon Nabillah recently decided to demolish her kindergarten called “Blue Deals” which is located in Makindye Barracks zone near Minaka Primary School. The little bu-rooms are currently being remodeled to be turned into rentals whereby a unit will be going for Shs250.000 per month. There is actually already a sign post notifying those who might be looking for accommodation in the area and one of the numbers they are supposed to ring to make inquiries belongs to the Honorable whose bid to become Kampala Lord Mayor on the NUP ticket ended in extreme tears earlier this year.

Nabillah’s other property is in Mbarara near Lutti where she has about 8 acres with some cows thereon. There is also the Nansana property but which remains unsafe for her because each time she goes there, Baryamureeba’s sister, who passionately hates her, comes and attacks her with sticks and machetes. These are good investment efforts but not sufficient to enable Nabillah, a high-flier, to continue flying high. Other efforts have to be undertaken to enable her continue enjoying life in the fast lane which has been Honorable Nabillah’s way of life for the last close to 20 years since 2006 when she started leveraging on the Besigye wave in order to keep winning elections in Kampala while cajoling city residents to believe she was one of them (genuinely struggling for change).

Before Gen Museveni released his cabinet, an impression had been created among some of the people close to her that the former Kampala Woman MP was going to be made Vice President taking over from her mentor and good friend Edward Kiwanuka Sekandi. It was claimed her equally very good friend, sponsor and mentor Sam Kutesa, a renowned power broker at Gen Museveni’s palace, was the one working on the thing. This, as we now know, never materialized but those close to her remain optimistic something good will finally come through as long as both Gen Museveni and his brother-in-law Sam Kutesa (they married sisters) remain alive.

“We haven’t become pessimistic and because the RDC job is too low for her, we are now having our eyes on Ambassadorship and Canada, where she already has a residence, remains a very good prospect,” says one of the city wannabes who for years has depended on Nabillah to make ends meet in Kampala. If this comes to pass, Nabillah, whose name we are told is already being vetted for the diplomatic assignment, won’t be the first person to get rehabilitated by the system through ambassadorial posting because even ex-DP National Chairman Mohammed Baswale Kezaala was made Ambassador and the same goes for UPC’s Henry Mayega.

There are rumors that even former Aruu County MP Odonga Otto is being considered for a similar ambassadorial deployment. We hear former LoP Prof Ogenga Latigo, who considers himself highly qualified, is equally being considered for deployment along similar lines having severed links with the FDC party which he helped founding (without having guts to join former ally Gen Mugisha Muntu’s nascent ANT party). (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at 





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