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By Mulengera Reporter

A bitter property row has erupted between Minister Idah Nantaba and Kiira-based garage proprietor and businessman Fred Twasse. Since 2011 when the Twasse-funded Nantaba became Kayunga woman MP, the father of her two children (10-year-old Joel Katumba & 14-year-old Joshua) hasn’t derived any happiness from Museveni’s Minister of State for ICT. Before politics came into the picture and Nantaba became too big for low-profiled Twasse to handle, Twasse used to materially provide for her including funding her 2011 campaigns as a first time MP.

But on becoming MP, she became too busy to even have any good moments with Twasse who gradually became disgruntled and withdrawn from her. He stopped frequenting the Busega house which was his and the land title registered in his names. He started staying more at the Kiira-Mbalwa neighborhood where he owns and operates lucrative schools’ businesses including Ndiwulira Primary School Mbalwa and Ndiwulira Toto Day Care. And the two adults don’t talk with Nantaba anymore despite having two children together. This became so after Twasse got reports that besides the powerful actors crushing on her among the political class, there is also another Abbey, a wealthy Ugandan expatriate working with WB in North America where Nantaba controversially travelled some time back.

Sources close to Twasse (whose family plays a very big Mugema role in the life of Buganda’s Kabaka) say that the reclusive businessman concluded he was done with Nantaba when attempts were made to have the title of the Busega property transferred from his to someone else’s names at a time the mother of his two children was the Lands Minister and she didn’t do anything to placate his interests. He grumblingly left the Busega home as Nantaba increasingly became deep waters on becoming Minister. A grief-stricken Twasse even quit the NRM party to protest mistreatment by Nantaba who he saw as using her new ministerial status to direct torment at him. He has since joined FDC and lives quietly in Kireka.

He has several times been urged to speak out publicly and denounce Nantaba but the man says that will prompt the pompous Minister to revenge on the children who continue to be in her exclusive custody.

The latest reaching us indicates that Twasse recently resolved to fight as a man to reclaim his Busega property from the control of Nantaba (now luxuriously living in Namugongo) whose relatives continue to reside in it to his total exclusion. Twasse recently moved to fence off the land and make it inaccessible to Nantaba’s people only to get brutally repulsed. But he didn’t give up. He has since vowed to go down fighting to ensure he regains not only physical possession of the house but also the title to the land on which the modest house sits.

This hasn’t been easy though as Nantaba too isn’t easily letting go. The title has all along been kept in the custody of a former female political assistant loyal to Nantaba from whom (aide) Twasse is now fighting to extricate it but the assistant has lately been obstinate insisting on first being authorized by Nantaba before surrendering the same to Twasse. (For comments on this story, call/text us on 0200900416 or email us at



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