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By Mulengera Reporters

The US government has once again sent out a very strong signal to corrupt politicians and other leaders in the East African region (who concentrate on lining their tummies at the expense of delivering decent services to citizens) that their days are numbered. A report in the Daily Nation, one of the region’s highest-selling newspapers, quotes US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter as disclosing that the renewed anti-corruption enthusiasm in Washington to combat corruption will soon see the Trump administration squeeze the EAC region’s corrupt politicians like never before.

He says the profiling of political leaders and other public officials involved in grand corruption scandals in their respective countries was recently concluded and the cracking of whip will soon commence.

Photo montage of President Trump and Ambassador Kyle McCarter who is his influential diplomat on the East African region who says its time up for EAC regional leaders who use their positions to commit acts of corruption and financial impropriety.

Saying in countries like Kenya some political heavyweights were already feeling the pinch having recently had their travel wishes blocked by Washington, Ambassador Kyle McCarter vowed; “This thievery has to stop. We shall not support anybody stealing money [locally here] to pay school fees in the US for their children.” He added; “[The] message is clear and simple. Beware…We’ll look for you and we will come for you.”

Stressing that the planned sanctioning would largely take the form of travel sanctions and asset freezes, the Republican-oriented diplomat revealed that the Washington’s new approach will be invoking “Proclamation 7750” which authorizes the Administration to repeatedly crack the whip against the corrupt and drug traffickers by way of visa denials or even cancellation in case any is inadvertently issued prior.

Those to be targeted, according to Ambassador Kyle McCarter, will include not only leaders orchestrating corruption in total abuse of the positions they hold but also those closely associated with them and actively benefiting from their plunder of public resources meant to benefit the poor. Largely considered the most outspoken and most influential US envoy in the EAC region, Ambassador Kyle McCarter has lately been pronouncing himself against corruption and other forms of impropriety by regional leaders through his twitter hash tag “#StopTheseThieves.”

It’s understood that he has lately been active in privately influencing Washington’s decisions in this region including the recent sanctioning of former IGP Gen Kale Kayihura who the Trump Administration officially accuses of sanctioning & supervising Police brutality, vicious human rights violations and illicit enrichment through giving cover for the criminal movement of wildlife when he was still IGP. Officially, Gen Kayihura has vehemently denied these allegations while maintaining he has better things to do than plead with Americans to permit him visit their country. He has also denied owning anything in the US territory. He has been publicly supported by many GoU leaders in his defiance against US sanctions including President YK Museveni and Water Minister Sam Cheptoris.

Arguing that the impending crackdown Ambassador McCarter is promising isn’t entirely unprecedented, EAC region politics watchers and pundits recall that in 2009, a significant number of Kenyan public officials were targeted and sanctioned under the same “Proclamation 7750.” Ambassador MacCarter says they officially appreciate efforts some of the EAC governments have taken so far to combat corruption and to have the culprits sanctioned but insufficient political will has slowed down progress that is supposed to have been made by this time. “But it’s not happening as fast as we want,” he is quoted by the Kenyan leading newspaper as registering the Trump Administration’s dissatisfaction.

In the latest efforts to isolate and have the corrupt severely punished in ways that can make it risk for others to engage in corruption, the Trump Administration is ready to leverage on the human resources, technology and other unique capabilities availed to it through the US Department of Justice & the Federal Bureau of Investigations whose officials have lately been keenly been scrutinizing leaders’ corrupt dealings throughout the EAC region. Saying time for being soft on wrongdoers in the EAC region was gone, Ambassador Kyle McCarter is quoted as emphatically saying; “This thievery has to stop. We will keep corrupt people away from US. There are people who will not get US visas or send money to pay school fees for their children in the US. We have started blocking such people. Why should we support somebody stealing money?”  (For comments, reach us on 0200900416 or email us at 



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