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By Mulengera Reporters

 A number of MPs have this Monday morning driven to Kamwokya and announced their loyalty to Bobi Wine’s newly formed National Unity Platform (NUP) party. Among them are those that have previously professed NRM of President Museveni including Patrick Nsamba Orishabe (Kasanda North) and JB Nambeshe of Manjiya County in Bududa district.

Yet it’s not only NRM that has suffered the Kyagulanyi effect this morning. DP has equally suffered because MPs that previously were allied to it have equally denounced their membership. Francis Zzake of Mityana Municipality is another. Latif Sebaggala of DP has equally denounced his DP membership and professed NUP. In 2016, Zzake became Mityana MP as a DP-leaning independent who was affiliated to Erias Lukwago’s TJ Platform that majorly demanded reforms in DP. Norbert Mao’s DP has also lost Kawempe Mayor Dr. Emmanuel Serunjogi (badly seeking reelection in a difficult terrain) who has denounced his membership and joined NUP. It’s true all these have always belonged to PP and paid allegiance to Bobi Wine but there was fear they would be reluctant crossing over into his new NUP party, an uncertainty they have clarified this morning and thereby increasing their chances to carry the Kyagulanyi flag into reelection.

“This is just the beginning and many more MPs are going to be coming here to declare their defection, membership and allegiance to NUP,” Bobi Wine told a cheerful audience. DP has also lost Kasirye Nganda Ali Mulyanyama who has been a PA to Mao and Mayor for Makindye Division. The comical Makindye Mayor has also been the head of mobilization for Mao’s DP in Kampala Metropolitan Area. He too has denounced his DP membership and joined NUP and vowed to ensure all the Kampala ghettos of Makindye Division acquire membership and become part of NUP.

Michael Mabikke’s SDP has equally lost out because their national chairman Ronald Balimwezo Nsubuga has cracked under the weight of the Kyagulanyi momentum (amasanyalaze) and decamped. He says he is now fully a member of NUP because it has very nice-looking membership cards which he has never seen in his political life time. Balimwezo, who had previously exhibited interest in becoming the Nakawa MP, has also showed readiness to bow out for Joel Senyonyi to become the joint flag bearer for NUP for the next Nakawa MP. Mulyanyama promised to work even more the moment he gets assigned a position in NUP national executive committee.

Mulyanyama and other DP, SDP & other opposition leaders who this Monday morning defected to Kyagulanyi’s NUP

“We want to become the biggest opposition party now and not 2021 because by that time NUP will have transformed itself into the ruling party of Uganda. Let’s keep mobilizing the rest of the sitting incumbents to come to Kamwokya and join us,” Bobi Wine declared as he called out Omulangira Ronald the Katabi Mayor who has been DP but has now defected to NUP. The Katabi Mayor used the platform to denounce DP saying it’s a fake party and he regrets the years he has spent in a non-progressive struggle. Former Makindye LC5 Councilor Zahara Luyulika Sebuliba Sekibala (one of those who famously impeached Lukwago out of City Hall) too was there and denounced DP membership. This means of all the 5 Kampala Division Mayors it’s only Rubaga’s Joyce Sebugwawo (of FDC) and DP’s Charles Musoke Serunjogi (who historically has had irreconcilable political differences with his Kamwokya neighbors the Sentamu brothers) that haven’t yet confessed Kyagulanyi’s political lordship over Kampala 95% of whose voters Kawempe’s Dr. Serunjogi Oweddembe controversially says will soon become NUP card-carrying members. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at



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