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 By Mulengera Reporters

 Yusuf Nsibambi is a well-known graceful man in Kampala for a number of reasons. He is a leading don at Makerere Law School besides being a wealthy city lawyer who actively belongs to the FDC party and subscribes to its affiliate the People’s Government in which he serves as the People’s AG. For the last 10 years, the man from Nkozi in Mawokota has also lucratively served as Chairman for Kampala District Land Board (KDLB). He became Chairman when Seya Nasser Sebaggala was winding up his tour of duty as Kampala/KCC Mayor before Erias Lukwago, his foe, cruised to victory in 2011.

Sebaggala also ensured his own brother Farouk Ntege, renowned for being very shrewd when it comes to deal-making, also became member of the same KDLB as a representative of Makindye Division which has since withdrawn its belief in him and had him replaced. As Lord Mayor, Lukwago, deriving power from the provisions of the LG Act, attempted to oust Haji Farouk Ntege considering him unsuitable but the man from Ffumbe clan rushed to Court which kept him there and he has curiously continued staying on as a Board member even after that Court order expired.

The other members with whom wealthy and free-spirited Yusuf Nsibambi has been serving include Musa Kabega and Moses Kamoga among others. There is also a one Vivian the surveyor besides Jacqueline Atugonza who serves as the Secretary/CEO for the Kampala District Land Board. Nasser Basajjabalaba, a younger brother to Hassan Basajjabalaba, is also a member representing Kawempe Division.


Because he is warming up for entry into elective politics in Mawokota South where he wants to become MP against NRM’s JB Lubyayi, Counsel Yusuf Nsibambi must ease out-and now. This is the reason why Nsibambi, who can’t have contract extension, having exhausted his two terms, must leave this very month. The law requires that if he is to run for elective office, he must resign his current government assignment not less than three months to the end of his current contract. Ordinarily his contract should have ended at the beginning of August this very year which is barely four months away. He either quits now or the NRM camp uses his failure to appropriately resign on time to legally block his candidature for Mawokota.

Equally expiring without chance for renewal is Seya’s brother Farouk Ntege who equally has exhausted his two terms at KDLB. The other members are eligible to be reappointed for at least one more term but it remains to be seen if the appointing authority, who legally is Erias Lukwago in this case, will be pleased to retain them for one more other term.

But the impending Nsibambi exit comes at a time when the Police Land Protection Unit is investigating the controversial leasing out of the Kiira Road Police land to an investor, a one Everest Muvanenza, who has since been arrested. And CID Publicist Charles Twine says Muvanenza remains incarcerated to aid criminal investigations that were ordered by IGP Okoth Ochora who is keenly following with a huge possibility of having Nsibambi and other Board members prosecuted over the curious circumstances under which the Police land was allocated to a private developer.

It’s a matter Mulengera News has extensively reported about in our earlier news articles (as seen here;; Atugonza, who had been arrested along with Muvanenza on Tuesday, has since been released on police bond and Twine says she has agreed to serve as state witness implicating her bosses in the curious leasing transaction of the Kiira Road Police land in Kamwokya.

Gratefully, Nsibambi is a comfortable wealthy man who can materially lead a happy life after ceasing to be the Chairman KDLB regardless of whether Mawokota voters elect him in 2021 or not. Besides his lucrative legal practice he started many years ago under the mentorship of Dr. Suleiman Kiggundu, Nsibambi has properties in Ntinda among other parts of Kampala. He is also involved in manufacture and selling of tiles with a manufacturing plant in Nkozi where he manufactures his Nkozi Clays brand from. He is also the proud owner of the huge Jalia Commercial Complex in Mpigi along Masaka Road comprising of super markets, refreshment centers and a petrol station (Shell) that is some distance away. He coordinates his marketing processes for his businesses from a decent office he operates on Level 5 of Diamond Trust Building Kampala Road opposite Charm Towers/Uganda House.

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