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By Twine Victor

Emirates has suspended indefinitely passenger flights from Zambia and Uganda to Dubai. The suspension took effect on 11 June 2021 until further notice. The airline said in a statement that the suspension of flights is in compliance with the directives of the United Arab Emirates government.

However the airline stated that Emirates flights from Dubai to Lusaka, continuing to Harare and flights from Dubai to Entebbe will continue to operate normally.

“Furthermore, passengers who have connected through Zambia and Uganda in the last 14 days will not be accepted to travel from any other point to the UAE. UAE nationals and their first degree relatives, holders of UAE Golden Visas and members of diplomatic missions accredited by the UAE and the two countries who comply with updated COVID‑19 protocols, as well as delegations and businesspeople who have received prior approvals, will be exempt for travel,” the airline said in the statement and regrets any inconvenience caused to its clients.

Customers seeking update notifications, have been advised to ensure their contact details are correct by visiting Manage Your Booking.

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