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By Mulengera Reporters

Without disclosing what is going to happen as a remedy for thousands of Ugandans from whom money continues to be criminally extorted, the Office of Director Public Prosecutions (DPP) has clarified that no Ugandan is supposed to pay money to have police surgeons (or any other state witnesses) show up in court to give evidence in criminal matters.

In an interview with Mulengera News, which has been serializing extortionist tendencies around the so-called police surgeons, Jane Kajuga who speaks for the DPP office says they are hearing about this for the first time. Ironically, Ugandans have been paying extortionist amounts of cash ostensibly as transport facilitation for kiwaani police surgeons who actually never even show up in court to testify on the police medical reports they will have issued on examining victims of violent crime that has lately been rampant in Uganda. And they charge as exorbitantly as Shs100,000 for transport to court to cover a journey as short as from Watoto Church to Buganda Road Court. This less than half a km which can’t cost Shs100,000 even if one used the most expensive special hire.

Kajuga says its possible rogue-minded elements and baferes could have hijacked the police surgeon role and acted in a manner that discredits the other police surgeons including those doing genuine work. “As far as we are concerned, citizens don’t have to pay transport refund for the police surgeon to come and testify in court because that’s always funded by court. It’s the state’s obligation. It’s a court arrangement and that’s all,” Kajuba told Mulengera News in a phone interview. She was however reluctant to pronounce herself on what is going to be done to the fraudsters, holding themselves out as police surgeons (in Kampala and other towns) and are continuing to extort colossal sums of money from citizens across the country.

“That sounds complicated and requires comprehensive investigation but as far as we are concerned as ODPP, Police surgeon isn’t supposed to be given any money by the complainants or victims for them to come and testify in court because that is already provided for,” Kajuga said clarifying the only money she knows about is for the citizen to meet that basic expense for the police medical examination report to be prepared examining the wounds orchestrated on him or her by the suspect. “Beyond that there is no way the complainant can be made to pay for the transportation of the witnesses to court. That’s totally out. That cost is born by the state and that’s well known.”



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