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By Isaac Wandubile

Fred Mwesigwa, who handles the publicity for DP President Norbert Mao, has responded to London-based Martin Kayanja who accuses Mao of eloping with his wife Beatrice Kayanja the original mayoral aspirant for DP who the EC blocked after it emerged she wasn’t a registered voter.

Mwesigwa, who is a close and influential assistant to Mao, says Beatrice is a free-spirited DP member whose availability the DP candidate’s campaign capitalized on to assign her the “research assistant” role for candidate Mao. But the much-tormented Martin Kayanja says he and his children back in London can’t sleep anymore because of the impunity with which Mao has continued to use his status in society to lure away their spouse/mother.

That each time he watches TV news from the campaign trail, he sees the mother of his children and wife of so many years flanking Mao as if they are husband and wife. The sexually-starved Martin says he hasn’t enjoyed the warmth of his wife since March. That in March, Beatrice, a very beautiful lady by all measure, left their London home coming to Kampala to check on their events management and crafts business in African village.

Few days into her visit, President Museveni proclaimed a lockdown and stopped all flights into and out of Entebbe International Airport. This gave Beatrice a perfect opportunity to stay on longer enjoying the company of the oracle from Gulu whose jokes she grew up laughing to as a distant secret admirer. The emotionally very broken Martin Kayanja says since that time, Beatrice changed and rarely takes his phone calls. She always tells him “struggle etuwuba” which means we are busy with the anti-Museveni struggle.

Beatrice, who originally was a Museveni supporter, doesn’t take Martin’s calls anymore. She also doesn’t reply messages nor call back. This has made the husband to become emotionally very broken while cursing the day the naturally very attractive Mao was born.


Officially Mao is supposed to be a very single man having divorced Naome Achieng Odongo, mother of his children and wife of 16 years, in May 2016. Naome applied for divorce in the Family Division of the High Court while claiming domestic violence and irreconcilable differences. The judge granted the divorce essentially paving way for Mao to begin living as freely as the independent Members of Parliament.

Martin Kayanja, who was wedded with Beatrice by late Archbishop Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo, says the mother of his children has a few weeks to make up her mind by choosing between salvaging her marriage back in London or staying with Mao as part of the anti-Museveni struggle.

Martin Kayanja implores Mao to act with the appropriate maturity, decorum and advise the young lady to return to London and salvage her marriage before it’s too late. Kayanja says since meeting Mao, his wife developed an indifferent attitude towards him to the extent that she even opted to run for Kampala Lord Mayorship without first consulting him as a spouse.

And this what he told state-owned Bukedde newspaper journalist Josephat Seguya: “I’m sure DP is a party which has many very presentable women. I challenge Norbert Mao to get any other woman and leave my Beatrice alone.” He says for many months, Mao has continued turning up for public functions with Beatrice as if they are spouses whereas not.

That on nominations day in Kyambogo, all Presidential Candidates were escorted by their spouses and Mao indeed came with a group of DP women but Beatrice emerged closest to him as if on an assignment to fill the gap left by the Naome divorce. Martin says he would easily let the two adults carry on the way they wish but he is under too much pressure from clerics, relatives and friends who keep demanding confirmation if he still considers Beatrice to still be his wife.

Beatrice was unable to deny nor confirm the contents of the Martin Kayanja rant. “I can’t discuss my family and marital matters in the media. There must be a more appropriate forum for such discussions,” is all Beatrice said vowing to remain part of the Mao campaign trail because that is in fulfillment of her constitutional duty as a Ugandan obliged to actively participate in the liberation politics of her country. The Martin Kayanja rant risks scandalizing the DP candidate into deeper oblivion in the ongoing campaigns where his showing has so far not been very impressive.

BACKGROUND INFO: Mulengera News has impeccably learnt from sources close to the DP President that Mao has actually been closely associating with Beatrice longer that Martin seems to think. Music and events promoter Balaam Barugahara knows a lot more between them and he is the man from whom Martin Kayanja can and should obtain much more.

For instance, early this year, Beatrice teamed up with Balaam and brought music legend Kanda Bongman who performed at their end of year concert at Sheraton Hotel. Beatrice ensured Mao was accorded special treatment with two VIP tables on which he sat accompanied by a delegation of DP members including SG Siranda, Mukasa Mbidde and a young DP lady from Mubende who has since defected to NUP. On another occasion, Beatrice teamed up with DP leaders in Wakiso and they organized a birth day bash for Mao in Nansana.

Some of the guys who acted as service providers for that birth day bash have since spoken to Mulengera News consistently identifying Beatrice Kayanja as the major convener of that bash which was majorly used by Mao to get back to his DP adversaries like Betty Nambooze, Muwanga Kivumbi, Medard Segona and Mathias Mpuuga who he accused of trying to portray him as a party President who has no support among party faithful in Buganda region.  (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at



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