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By Mulengera Reporters

Branding him a traitor simply because he is a strong supporter of Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, who they resent for being very principled and consistent in his opposition to Gen Museveni, key strategists in the DP Bloc have unleashed and fronted controversial city businessman Faruk Ntege, a younger brother Seya Nasser Sebaggala, to oust Makindye West MP Allan Sewanyana. As they market Ntege on social media and other media platforms, the DP Bloc activists claim that their candidate is a very generous man that will materially improve life the people of Makindye West unlike Sewanyana who only concentrates on bashing government while defending Erias Lukwago, his mentor. They say time has come for opposition MPs to emulate their NRM counterparts and begin addressing material concerns of their voters as opposed to feeding people on only anti-regime wolokoso.

The campaign to have Sewanyana replaced by Ntege is being spearheaded by Abdul Karim Lukoda, a former Shauriyako Councilor who voters have consistently been rejecting since 2011 when the wave was to punish all Seya’s remnants and exorcist them out of the Kampala politics. The same Lukoda was very active in marketing Seya in the runner up to 2016 elections while telling Kampalans he had had enough of Museveni’s NRM and was finally back to opposition. Despite efforts by the Lukodas trying to rub in Gen David Sejusa as one of the former spies who had assessed and confirmed that Seya was back for good in opposition, Kampalans totally rejected accepting back “a reformed Seya.” And on being rejected by Kampalans, Seya (who even had a few public political meetings with the current DP Bloc big names like Lukoda and others) coiled and went back to NRM whose Museveni he eventually moved with during the 2016 campaigns while telling voters that the confusion that manifested in TDA had made him conclude that Gen Museveni was after all still the best.

The DP Bloc architects, who tested groceries of the old KCC in the pre-Lukwago era, have never forgiven the Lord Mayor for using the office of Kampala Central Division MP (2006-2011) to expose the excesses of Seya’s administration. By extension they equally resent key Lukwago political allies like Moses Kasibante, Semujju Nganda, Betty Nambooze, Allan Sewanyana and others for their incorruptibility and contempt for political materialism. It’s for that resentment that they have always identified with candidates who are out to neutralize these Lukwago allies at almost every election. Despite being MP on DP mainstream ticket, Sewanyana finds comfort flocking with Lukwago who resents political deal-making just like him. That simply is the reason haters in DP Bloc have jumped on wealthy Faruk Ntege who has made some good money during his years as a member of the Kampala District Land Board (KDLB). Naturally, they are anticipating plenty of groceries from him.

Whenever the very principled Erias Lukwago and his allies like Sewanyana move to demand accountability while exposing their deal-making traits, the DP Bloc opportunists say he is an envious man who doesn’t wish others (mbu fellow Muslims) well. They recently posted celebratory social media messages when Deputy Lord Mayor Sarah Kanyike Sebaggala (wife to EC Commissioner Mustapha Sebaggala) accepted Gen Museveni’s job and many of them shamelessly blamed Lukwago, the victim, for that betrayal. One of them posted that Lukwago was mistreating Sarah Kanyike by refusing to leverage on his office to lobby Andrew Kitaka the ED to give her lucrative trips abroad.

To them, whoever doesn’t share that approach of political materialism is an evil selfish person who doesn’t wish others well. It’s the same argument they are making against Allan Sewanyana whose mentor Erias Lukwago actively rejected Faruk Ntege’s inclusion on the KDLB on grounds that he hadn’t been properly nominated and appointed. Ntege was one of the beneficiaries of the Lukwago ouster in 2014 whose resultant vacuum at City Hall is what Jeniffer Musisi exploited to bring them in. Being the assertive principled man he is, Lukwago had blocked him (on bouncing back after 2016 elections) prompting Ntege to use his friends in the judiciary to keep around up to 1st February 2021 when his term is supposed to come to an end. He stands no chance whatsoever bouncing back at KDLB because Makindye popular Mayor Ali Nganda Mulyanyama has already nominated a one Mama Teo who works with Spark TV as their new representative. This makes Faruk Ntege’s desire to become MP Makindye West, so that he has something to do after KDLB, easily understandable.

But the Makindye West whose politics he wants to fluke has a history of deploying high caliber opposition legislators since Museveni became President of Uganda. Previously they had Nsubuga Nsambu (who Museveni used to call olumbugu/coach grass), the uncompromising Hussein Kyanjo for 10 years (Gen Museveni called him confused) and now Allan Sewanyana Omusajja wa bwino.

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