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By Mulengera Reporters

 A group of NRM young cadres have ganged up against the NRM Secretariat for allegedly messing up the ongoing presidential party campaigns country wide. The group calling itself ‘Team YK Mission 2021,’ in their strong worded petition to Hajji Moses Kigongo, the 1ST NRM Vice Chairperson, says they are not happy with the way the NRM Secretariat headed by Justine Kasule Lumumba  is conducting itself.


The group that is headed by Yosia Mugaaju Owayesu blames the NRM Secretariat for allegedly disorganizing the activities of the NRM members on matters of campaigning for their candidate YK Museveni. “It’s embarrassing to find almost all top offices at the secretariat full of juniors or others closed hence limiting service delivery as far as NRM campaigns are concerned. This is because all top NRM officials at the Secretariat escort our candidate on his campaign trail leaving out their offices empty. For instance we have managed to witness almost all officials of the Secretariat surrounding the President in Northern Uganda,” Mugaaju said.

The cadres advise that NRM Vice Chairpersons of the regions should be the ones to guide the NRM Presidential Candidate whenever he is going for campaigns. “For instance when the President is to campaign within Buganda, it’s better for Kiwanda to be the one in-charge of the NRM Presidential campaign. This will help the president to be fully aware of the challenges affecting the region because the person guiding him knows the region better,” he said.

The cadres add that whenever the secretariat members are close to the President, NRM regional and district leaders lack the opportunity to express their challenges to him. “When this happens, the community becomes happy seeing and observing their local leaders guiding and presenting their challenges and ideas to the President rather than seeing some unknown delegation escorting the President,” he said.

He added that the youth have politically been challenged by the opposition because they have completely failed to front strongly organized pressure groups to detoxicate the toxins by the opposition. He says the opposition is targeting the youths adding that it would be logical for the NRM to counter the opposition with NRM organized pressure groups that are ready to deflect political plans and strategies.

He says his team is tested in all past elections and are very ready to argue and demobilize the opposition political plans and strategies. He says they have managed to convince more than 1,000 opposition diehards in Kampala suburbs to defect to the NRM camp. “For example, we convinced the chairman of FDC Kawempe Division and his followers to defect to our pressure group.

The defection ceremony took place at Kololo Airstrip and was witnessed by Mrs. Kellen Kayonga, an NRM historical,” he said. He says opposition big wigs in Kawempe Division are currently working with them in their programs within Kampala Metropolitan. The group asked Kigongo that there ought to be changes in the NRM campaigning materials that are being distributed.

He says that previously, it was the work of the NRM lineage structures that were responsible for distributing these materials but the fact that there are new dynamics on board, pressure groups should present new programs of distributing the materials where necessary because they also hold structures. He says that the just concluded NRM primaries and the coming in of ‘People Power’ led by Robert Kyagulanyi has forcefully created political dynamics not only in NRM structures but also in the country. “For instance in urban areas, changes have come up whereby the youth have resorted to joining Kyagulanyi’s NUP and the  NRM structures have been infiltrated by the opposition mindset more so People Power,” he said.

He says that without pressure groups to counter the political pressure of People Power and FDC, NRM structures won’t have anything to write home about. He adds that the youth are now confused on whether the NRM still needs pressure groups or not. Another matter bothering the youth is that candidates are supposed to meet only 200 people at their rallies due to the COVID-19 guidelines.

However, to their surprise, they always see the President moving with same people from the secretariat at all the rallies. “Don’t you think this is blocking political chances of other local leaders from meeting the President and take his message? Does it make sense for the almost all top NRM Secretariat leaders to abandon their offices and escort the president as he campaigns and leave people stranded at Kyadondo?” they wondered. He says that campaign materials were not given to genuine people, the reason NRM party T-shirts and posters were being misused to clear the roads where Bobi Wine was to pass.

They add that they think that the NRM party has been divided into two camps following the political methodology used in campaigning because the President now meets only flag bearers and NRM structures sidelining fellow NRM diehards who lost in the party primaries and have decided to bounce back as independents.

“As concerned cadres, we think the party leaders should revise the approach for the betterment of our candidate and the party if we are to achieve a landslide victory in the forthcoming general elections,” he said. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at





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