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By Mulengera Reporters 

Ambassador Dickson Ogwang, the man vastly accused for allegedly leading a team of 4 security operatives who allegedly coerced Makindye Division Town Clerk Geoffrey Rwakabaare into authenticating the solemnization of the controversial civil marriage between Moses Magogo and Speaker of Parliament Anita Among, has broken silence and explained himself.

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In an interview with Mulengera News, Amb Ogwang who represents Uganda in Khartoum accused Rwakabaare, who has since met the President and written to the IGP seeking protection, of working towards spoiling his name for no good reason. “Yes I was thickly involved in that wedding because the Rt. Hon Anita Among has been a close friend since the year 2002 and these are some of the social obligations we all get involved in in support of people who are so dear to us,” Amb Ogwang said.

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“I’m a law-abiding citizen of this beautiful country and I can’t allow the Town Clerk to utter defamatory stuff against my good name. That’s why I have commenced the process to sue that Town Clerk in civil defamation and the same will apply to those abetting him do the same.”

Amb Ogwang has since instructed city law firm, NEWMARK ADVOCATES, based in Kampala Industrial Area, to take on Rwakabaare on his behalf. The law firm has since written to Rwakabaare communicating their notice of intention to sue him over his impugned utterances against Ogwang. They are demanding that Rwakabaare, an incorruptible thick-skinned senior civil servant working with KCCA, urgently retracts his anti-Anita Among complaints and also publicly apologize to Ogwang.

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In his very damaging dossier addressed to the IGP (with 5 pages and dated Thursday 15th September), Rwakabaare makes a range of allegations against the person of Ogwang who is alleged to have stormed his Makindye Division offices with four other heavily armed security personnel.

Rwakabaare, who informs the IGP that he has already reported the same to the President, asserts that Ogwang & Co coerced him to authenticate Anita Among and Magogo‘s civil marriage yet a lot of the required procedures weren’t followed. That the group raided his offices towards 6:30pm on a Monday evening and assured him the marriage certificate had to be produced in favor of the two lover birds.

That they told him that, being the Speaker of Parliament and therefore number 3 in the country, Anita Among was too big to be required to meet all the procedural requirements including having to personally appear before the Registrar of marriages. Rwakabaare, whose high level political connections the five men must have underestimated, further informs the IGP that he signed in order to save his life but quickly rescinded the entire process the following day by writing to URSB raising the red flag.

The senior civil servant, who Mulengera News understands has since come under a lot of pressure from workmates, relatives and fellow Banyoros (especially eminent ones working in government), implores the IGP to boost his personal security because he has been receiving death threats since his whistle blowing prompted URSB to revoke the authentication that had earlier on been inputed ratifying the powerful couple’s civil marriage.

Sources add that Rwakabaare, who intends to call a news conference at some point and speak out more, is counting on the President for additional protection besides what the leadership of Uganda Police Force is anticipated to do in the coming days. Sources close to him say that Rwakabaare is a deeply spiritual person who is determined to go down fighting without surrender because he is convinced that God is on his side.

It’s claimed that pressure upon him has been mounting with one of the key senior political advisors to the President imploring him to back off to avoid being perceived as a proxy being used by some political forces to demonize the equally thick-skinned Speaker Anita Among.

In the Mulengera News interview, Amb Ogwang admitted being aware of the fact that the CID Director Dr. Tom Magambo, closely working with the IGP’s office, is inquiring into the wild claims Rwakabaare makes against him and other powerful officials. “I’m a law-abiding citizen who will cooperate with investigators at every stage because I have nothing to hide and that’s the only sure way my innocence is going to be proved,” said Ogwang who is widely considered to be a decent gentleman.

Rwakabaare’s letter to the IGG is titled “procurement of a civil marriage through fraudulent, criminal means and intimidation” and it was duly received by the IGP Okoth Ochola’s office on Monday 19th September 2022. The same written complaint is copied to Director CID and the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs who ordinarily is supposed to be Amb Dickson Ogwang’s supervisor.

Rwakabaare reveals that during his face to face interaction with the President, the veteran leader from Rwakitura advised that the same, being a high profile matter, involving big names, should be directly reported to the IGP Martin Okoth Ochola as opposed to merely reporting to a Police Station or Post.

Among the marriage law experts, opinion remains divided with some pundits asserting that Rwabakabaare acted ultra vires because he isn’t vested with powers to undertake steps aimed at invalidating people’s marriages. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us




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