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By Mulengera Reporters

Pastor Tom Mugerwa of Mutundwe Christian Fellowship is a well-known man of God who doesn’t require much introduction. Renowned for his non-confrontational, humility and forgiveness gospel message, Mugerwa ministers to one of the largest Pentecostal Christian congregations in Kampala. His media outlet (called MCF Radio) is equally rapidly growing with a presence in many parts of Bantu-speaking Uganda.

The sign post leading to Kiyimba Close along which Pastor Tom Mugerwa’s newly constructed school is located

Largely because of the impact his rapidly growing media Ministry has had, Mugerwa’s congregation has been growing like no other. This has always caused him to desire for rapid expansion of his operational space at the Mutundwe headquarters. So vast is his congregation that when President Museveni relaxed on the restrictions and allowed Churches to reopen with only 70 worshippers per service, Mugerwa wasn’t enthused. He opened for a few days to pilot how that could work and closed once again after realizing it was difficult to determine who should be let in or locked out of the well enclosed church premises.

The services were suspended to allow more consultations with government stakeholders and currently, the church is only open for those coming for counseling sessions every week day. The extreme space limitations amidst ever growing numbers is the reason, many Balokoles praying at Mugerwa’s MCF church have always fasted and prayed for a day when nearby Mutesa Memorial Primary School would consider relocating.

The school’s relocation naturally should enable expansionist Tom Mugerwa to expand his operational territory. The school owners haven’t been easy even when relocation would lead to a win-win situation (school kids being able to learn without having to compete with the thunderous noise coming from the church’s loud speakers and Ps Mugerwa being able to operate in a more spacious place).

Gratefully, there is seemingly a great breakthrough in this complex relationship with many insiders at Mugerwa’s church claiming to be glimpsing some light at the end of a very long tunnel. Using the lull provided by Coronavirus lockdown of March-May, during which Gen Museveni allowed construction projects to carry on, Ps Tom Mugerwa owning another prime land along Kiyimba Close (along which his Church and the Mutesa school are both located) decided to commence construction of a very huge storied building with a huge compound on the left of the road as you drive from the Mutundwe-Nalumunye estate.

The new school Pastor Tom Mugerwa has constructed along residential Mutundwe’s Kiyimba Close.

The construction is complete and the place is more convenient for the school and learning of the youngsters than the narrow space where Mutesa Memorial Primary School has been operating. Sources close to Ps Tom Mugerwa have told Mulengera News that the humble man of God intends to hand over the new premises to the management and owners of Mutesa Memorial School while cajoling them to relocate there. This will be good news should the school owners allow because it will enable the pastor to expand his ministry work operating space as the kids too get to learn from a more conducive and spacious environment.


“Of course what he has constructed is more costly and the new site is worth much more when you combine the value of both the land and the buildings compared to the old school campus but Daddy isn’t bothered giving away much more than he gets in return. For him it’s about growing the worship space for God’s people to be able to congregate and pray more comfortably,” a deeply knowledgeable source says of Pastor Tom Mugerwa’s determination to overcome the private primary school standing in his way. The new school campus must have cost the wealthy Tom Mugerwa over Shs1bn when both the land and buildings are factored in.

The new school Pastor Tom Mugerwa has constructed along residential Mutundwe’s Kiyimba Close.

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