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Mulago Hospital accountant 43-year-old Charles Steven Mwasa (seen here standing outside his Bugolobi apartments) is extremely wealthy but Sylvia Nantumbwe (mother of his 8-year-old daughter) has dragged him to court demanding upkeep and monthly maintenance expenses to cater for school fees, clothing, shelter and medical needs for the child. She wants court to allocate part of the estate to her to use the proceeds to look after the daughter who she says Mwasa has ignored since her birth in February 2011.

By Mulengera Reporters

Charles Steven Mwasa, the wealthy Mulago Hospital accountant whose riches we profiled in our Thursday story, has been dragged to court by Sylvia Nantumbwe one of his concubines for omitting to materially provide for his child.

In a custody and maintenance application filed (in Nakawa Family & Children’s Court) as Family Cause No. 15, Nantumbwe paints Mwasa as a wealthy but monstrous father who has no heart for Mary Victoria Nambuya, his biological child she produced for him on 21st February 2011.

This is how her affidavit evidence in support of the application reads in part; “(I) had a brief relationship with him which led to the conception and birth of the child Nambuya Mary Victoria. (He) has never taken any interest in getting to know his daughter and has only met her once since she was born. (He) has never contributed to the financial needs of the child and does not pay school fees, housing or even medical bills (yet he) is gainfully employed and capable of providing maintenance for his daughter.” Other facts extracted from related other Family Court Division proceedings, which Mulengera News has perused, indicate that wealthy Mwasa has many such children resulting from side-dish relationships and their mothers are equally disgruntled.

Sylvia Nantumbwe says Charles Steven Mwasa only looked at his now 8-year-old daughter on the day she was born and turned his back on them since. She says when they started pushing out in 2010, she didn’t know Mwasa was stably a married man implying she can’t be accused of adultery. She is demanding a fraction of his properties to derive sustenance for the child.

We have reliably established that Mwasa met Nantumbwe when they both still worked at the Finance Ministry from where Mwasa was disgracefully transferred to Mulago Hospital in the aftermath of the Kazinda scandal that hit the OPM years ago.

While there, Nantumbwe was seeing Justus, a fellow workmate, with whom she had a very traumatic love relationship. She often shared the resultant problems with Mwasa who was close friends with equally wealthy Justus. One thing led to another and Mwasa, who started out as a counsellor giving emotional support to the abandoned babe, ended up taking up Nantumbwe who confesses to court that it was indeed a brief sex stint which inadvertently resulted into pregnancy resulting into a child she produced for him in February 2011.

Part of Mulago Accountant Charles Steven Mwasa’s estate that side-dish Sylvia Nantumbwe says should be surrendered to enable her raise money to look after the 8-year-old daughter that Mwasa sired with her but has since refused to materially provide for.

However, she is aggrieved the initially very helpful Mwasa turned out to be so indifferent in ways she never anticipated. She accuses him of not only failing to materially provide for his own child (now aged 9) but of also frustrating her efforts to solely create happiness for the daughter. She references on an incident in December 2015 when she saved some money and prepared to take her abroad for some luxury holiday “(but he) refused to sign the permission form for her visa because he claimed he was too busy.”

The distraught babe implores court to make her the certified sole custodian of the child so that in future she can make such decisions single-handedly without legally being required to secure the input or consent of Mwasa as the other parent. She says this will be the most appropriate way to serve the best interest of the child which is at the heart of the laws and regulations guiding on guardianship, custody and maintenance of minors in courts of law.

Mwasa needs prayers because women (mothers to his children) are seemingly determined to use Courts of law to get a siginfcant share of his estate

She justifies why she can afford to solely perform custody obligations of her child including the fact that she has her own decent house in Najjera where she currently lives with her daughter. Nantumbwe, who is an auditor in one of government ministries, says she is gainfully employed and has already solely been providing school fees, dressing, food and shelter needs for her child “without the help of her father.”

But she still moves Court to grant both Custody and Maintenance orders against Mwasa so that the rich man from Manafwa is compelled to share proceeds from a fraction of his vast estate with his daughter.

In another related Court matter, where Mwasa’s official main wife used her as evidence to prove adultery against him, Nantumbwe defends herself by claiming she started sleeping with him after Mwasa convinced her he was soon divorcing his main/first wife and mother of his two children.

At just 43 years, Mwasa owns all this and much more-and all this is the outcome of the 17 years he has worked as a government accountant initially in the Finance Ministry on IFMIS and later on at Mulago Hospital where he currently is.

Nantumbwe counter-claims and implores court (as part of her defense) that some of the riches belonging to Mwasa (as we elaborately profiled them yesterday) should be distributed by court in favor of her 8-year-old daughter Mary Victoria Nambuya, a minor who is still entitled to being materially supported and looked after by her wealthy father.

She even lists some of properties that “should be utilized towards the mantainance of the child.” She denies aiding Mwasa to committ adultery when they started seeing each other in 2010 because “he was at all material times not wearing his wedding band” making it hard for her to know he was involved in some other lawful marriage relationship.

Mulengera News has also separately learnt that the reclusive Mwasa hails from a powerful family background and his brothers are equally wealthy and successful at work. For example his young brother the equally wealthy Balaam Mwasa is the chief accountant in the Uganda Police Force and pompously lives like the legendary king Mswati of Swaziland.

“You think Charles Mwasa is rich but Balaam Mwasa doesn’t know him. He is way much wealthier and lives large. He has 12 children in 7 women each of whom lives in a luxurious mansion in Kampala built by him,” a deeply knowledgeable source confided in Mulengera News.

Mulago Hospital accountant Charles Steven Mwasa’s Bugolobi property

The other brother is elderly John Mwasa who supervises casual workers manning the printery division at the Parliament of Uganda in Kampala. Charles Steven Mwasa is these days actively seeing a juicy Rwandese elderly babe who runs the garments and fabrics Kitenge business in Najjera. They have been seeing each other for two years now and he found her with this Kitenge business which he just replenished with additional capital.

Mwasa, who montly earns Shs1.5m salary, owns this apartment property too in the Kyambogo-Banda neighborhood. Despite being reclusive, the youthful man from Manafwa rivals renowned property moguls like Sudhir Ruparellia, Mohan Kiwanuka and others

Their only surviving sister Eva Mwasa is married to a herbalist medical practitioner in Mukono where she happily lives. Their only other sister passed on years ago. The other Mwasa brother operates a solar energy business in Kiwatule. (For comments on this story, call/text us on 0200900416 or email us at




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