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By Khasacha Mwene

The Church of Uganda has condemned the Saturday attack and assault of Soroti pastors by Amuria County MP and State Minister for Relief and Disaster Preparedness Mr. Musa Francis Ecweru over a disputed boundary of land between the Church and Sub-County headquarters.

In a press statement issued on Monday May 10, 2021, Church of Uganda Provincial Secretary, Rev. Canon Captain William Ongeng, termed the act by Mr. Ecweru and his team of attacking two Readers and a Priest in Wera Parish, Soroti Diocese, as “entitled terrorism”.

According to Rev. Ongeng, the Bishop of Soroti, the Rt. Rev. Kosea Odongo, reported that the three unnamed pastors were planting cassava on Church land adjacent to the Sub-County headquarters and Seed School when they were attacked.

He added that the Sub-County recently surveyed their land and agreed with the Church on the boundaries between Sub-County and Church land and that there is currently no dispute or case between the Sub-County and the Church of Uganda about land. Rev. Ongeng said the three pastors were being treated at a Church healthcare centre.

“It is unclear why the Honourable Minister and his team chose to travel specifically to the site of the Church’s garden to verbally abuse the pastors and beat them. This much, however, is clear. Such behaviour is never called for and not befitting one who considers himself a public leader, let alone a child of God. The people elected their MP to represent all of them, not to beat them. If there is a legitimate matter of dispute, there are legitimate ways to resolve them. We call upon the aggressors to seek peaceful means of settling disputes, and the Government to ensure that all victims are allowed to file police reports regardless of who has victimized them,” said Rev. Ongeng.

He added: “We also call upon the Government to consider the character of elected officials before appointing them to higher positions of service. Ugandans deserve public officials who understand their calling as servant leaders, not as entitled terrorists who lord it over their constituents.” (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at



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