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By Otim Nape

Writing to highlight the plight of 90 KCCA employees (some of them managers), a disgruntled insider has written to the President and Speaker Rebecca Kadaga imploring them to urgently intervener in the situation at City Hall where key staffers are on the verge of unfairly losing their jobs.

Signing off as “a concerned staff,” the whistle blower claims that, despite clear advice by the Solicitor General advising against
regularizing employment of temporary staff who first joined KCCA under Jenifer Musisi’s Ad Hoc arrangement, the plot is underway by the Director HR, working closely with some in the Public Service Commission, to run some curious job advert, which is meant to be a window to turn those temporary employees into permanent staff.

Acting rather in a very anticipatory manner, the whistle blower claims to have intercepted information that an advert will soon be proclaimed calling on both permanent and temporary staff, currently working in KCCA, to apply. That since the Court last year compelled KCCA to take on staff that PSC had recruited but remained undeployed, City Hall reluctantly took them in and never threw out the temps who Musisi had illegally kept on jobs.

The whistle blower argues the right way should have been for Musisi’s temps to be gotten rid of as the 90 Court-imposed employees moved in to take office. Instead the temps were left in the system resulting into duplication as the 90 had to end up having to do work which Musisi’s improperly-recruited temps were already doing as well. The whistle blower informs the President and Speaker that as a result of this anomalous conduct by City Hall and an indifferent PSC, the government incurs an additional Shs400m per month in KCCA’s clearly bloated wage bill. That the moment Musisi’s temps are weeded out,
Shs400m will be saved monthly.

In a letter to the Chairman PSC, the whistle blower notifies the Commission that he and others are going to refer the matter to Court so that KCCA is compelled to do the right thing as previously guided by the Solicitor General whose uncontroverted 2019 advice was to the effect that whoever wishes to work at KCCA must come in through a competitive and transparent recruitment exercise as provided for under the Constitution of Uganda. The whistle blower calls on both the President and Speaker to intervene and ensure that the 90 employees (just a fraction of the many others PSC properly recruited only for
Musisi to refuse taking them in) aren’t unfairly victimized under Director HR’s curious job advert that is perceived by many as an effort to find a short cut to regularize Musisi’s temps who 9in light of numerous Court pronouncements & decisions) can only remain at City Hall after regularization as was vehemently recommended by the Solicitor General in one of his many legal opinion letters to both KCCA and PSC on the same matter.

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