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The Uganda Police (with significant support of Abel Kandibo’s CMI) have arrested another suspect behind the murder of social worker Maria Nagirinya and her driver Ronald Kitayimbwa, who were kidnapped and later murdered in August this year.

The new suspect is a boda-boda rider (identified as Sharif Mpanga alias Shafiq) who is suspected to have transported the killers to Nagirinya’s residence from where they brutally kidnapped her with Kitayimbwa as they prepared to drive through the gate that had been opened by the deceased’s sister.

This refreshing break through was revealed by the Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga who says that Mpanga was netted over the weekend during a joint operation conducted by operatives from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and the Uganda Police Force.

Trouble for the suspects started on August 28th, 2019 when Nagirinya (who was an Assistant Project Manager in charge of Water and Sanitation at local Non-governmental Organization Community Integrated) was kidnapped together with Kitayimbwa and later murdered. The kidnappers drove them away in her personal car, a Spacio registration number UBA 570V, which they later abandoned in areas of Natete.

After the police and relatives looking for Nagirinya and Kitayimbwa for several days in vain, their bodies were later recovered at a swamp in Mukono district on August 30, 2019 where they had been dumped by the murderers. Days later the police released footage from Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security cameras showing one of the suspected killers driving Nagirinya’s car while being guided by a Boda-boda rider who was later only identified as Mpanga.

After police released the CCTV footage and urged the general public to help identify the killers, a joint operation between CMI and UPF was launched to hunt for the suspects, leading to the arrest of four people who have since been charged with kidnap and murder in court after recording an extra judicial statement in admission to committing the crime.

The first suspect to be arrested was identified as Koprian Kasolo aka Arsenal, who later led to the arrest of his accomplices Johnson Lubega aka Rasta aka Eto, Hassan Kisekka alias Masada and Nassif Kalyango alias Muwonge, who are still in custody. The number of suspects in custody now totals to six according to Enanga, who revealed that after charging Kasolo, Lubega, Kisekka and Muwonge, investigators intensified the hunt for Kateregga and Mpanga until they were arrested.

After intense interrogation, the suspects confessed to police how they had hatched the plot to kidnap and murder Nagirinya and Kitayimbwa, on top of revealing that each of them pocketed Shs130,000 for the job, which they had got from Sadat Kateregga aka Baros while they were still in jail at Luzira Prison. The suspects also explained to police how they surveyed Nagirinya’s home and trailed her for several days with the help of Mpanga who was riding them on his motorcycle.

According to CCTV footage, Mpanga was filmed dropping Kasolo and Kisekka near Nagirinya’s home where they hid until the victim arrived with her driver. The CCTV footage also indicates that Mpanga waited to evacuate the killers in case the mission had failed and only rode away after they had succeeded in kidnapping the victims.

The Police investigators (as quoted by URN) also contend that Mpanga rode ahead of the suspects directing them to the safe routes to take after kidnapping Nagirinya and Kitayimbwa so as to avoid detection. URN quotes Enanga as revealing that a few days later, Mpanga rode to Mukono and surveyed the dumping site at the swamps where the victims’ corpses were later recovered by police.

However, Enanga noted that Kateregga confessed that he was also hired to do the job although he hasn’t revealed yet who actually hired him. But investigators so far can confirm that Kasolo hired his other colleagues after being offered the job by Kateregga when he was about to be released from Luzira Prison in May this year. Detectives handling Kateregga (who is detained at the Special Investigations Division (SID) in Kireka) are hopeful he will lead them to the exact person who hired him to murder Nagirinya although he maintains that they murdered her because someone had tipped them off that she often moved around with bags of money and that at time she would have cash to the tune of over Shs50m.  Some lines of investigations haven’t ruled out the possibility of Kitayimbwa being targeted for brutal killing as a way of silencing him since he had seen the suspects’ faces and could easily identify them to aid subsequent security investigations. (For comments, reach us on 0200900416 or email us at 



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