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By Mulengera Reporters

A group of religious leaders, led by Rtd Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi, have paid a courtesy visit to Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) headquarters in Entebbe and pleaded with the Almighty God to strengthen the concerned airport staff as they contribute to the GoU efforts aimed at keeping the deadily Coronavirus at bay.

During the visit, the clerics appreciated the patriotism the UCAA management has so far exhibited by closely working with the Health Ministry and WHO to ensure adequate screening of passengers from destinations considered to be Coronavirus-susceptible.

Finance Director Hannington Banyendera, who represented CAA management, enumerated the measures being undertaken as the clerics nodded in approval. Banyendera explained that their close collaboration with the Health Ministry and WHO will continue because it’s the only way Uganda’s aviation industry regulator can meaningfully contribute to broader efforts to keep Coronavirus out of Uganda’s borders.

The Finance Director also revealed that, working with MoH and WHO, they had intensified the screening of travellers flying into Uganda especially those that manifest related symptoms like coughing and strange temperature disruptions. That they also sensitize such passengers so that they don’t feel stigmatized.

Banyendera further disclosed to the clerics that before a plane lands, CAA is updated with all the relevant information regarding the number of passengers onboard and the countries where they are flying from.

Even earlier this week that is how the Health Ministry got alerted on the need to quarantine the four suspicious foreigners who were comprehensively screened at Entebbe government Hospital but, gratefully, the results showed they hadn’t contracted any Coronavirus as it had been suspected.

As UCAA Manager Corporate Affairs and Communications John Vianney Luggya explains, CAA annually oversees the passage of more than 1.9m passengers travelling through Entebbe International Airport making it a major partner that WHO and Ministry of Health can only ignore at their own peril as part of their ongoing efforts to shield Uganda against the rampaging Coronavirus.

With the global death rate so far approximating to 4000 lives being lost, Coronavirus has kept the entire global leadership on it’s tenterhooks with powerful nations like United States not being spared. In Uganda, the Museveni government has taken extreme administrative measures including prohibiting shaking of hands and hugging as part of broader efforts to keep the killer virus out of Uganda.

Globally, there are fears that by constraining especially air travel, the rampaging Coronavirus spreading like bush fire could cause the world economy to shrink in ways similar to what the credit crunch of 2008 caused.

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