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David Mafabi

By Mulengera Reporters 

Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo has this Thursday morning inadvertently given away some of Kenneth David Mafabi’s best kept secrets. Speaking as the key note speaker at the celebrations to mark the 30 years of existence for Daily Monitor newspaper, Dollo relieved stories relating to his campus days at Makerere University where he was a diehard supporter for Milton Obote and his Uganda People’s Congress (UPC).

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Kenneth David Mafabi (now a key Museveni supporter) was one of his peers and was even more radical in his support for the politician from Akokoro. Dollo said he shared contempt for Idi Amin with Mafabi and they both vowed never to attend graduation at Makerere University Freedom Square where Dictator Idi Amin would preside over. This was in the late 1970s and they plotted fleeing to Tanzania to join other exiles to fight for a new political order in Uganda.

Dollo revealed that as they planned to flee, the Kagera incident happened which resulted into the ouster of Idi Amin by the different fighting groups with active support of the Tanzanian army in April 1979. This paved way for the 1980 general elections during which both Dollo and Mafabi vigorously campaigned for Dr. Milton Obote and his UPC party. Dollo revealed to his audience that when the Lutwas staged their coup in July 1985 and established their military Junta, Mafabi was among those who responded with great apprehension.

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That Mafabi and others fled Uganda once again and declared war on the Junta aimed at forcing Obote back into power. A renowned Marxist, Mafabi travelled to Ethiopia and underwent military training in the Abyssinia woodlands. As they prepared to come and battle Gen Museveni’s NRM/A out of power, Owinyi Dollo (who had been a member of CA) was made Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.

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Days after his Ministerial appointment had been proclaimed, Dollo granted an interview to the Monitor newspaper which was conducted by Peter Mwesigye (now of ACME). “It was a full page interview about what I intended to do in the new docket and he [Mafabi] was in exile in Nairobi. When he read it, he rang me saying if a radical person like you Owiny Dollo can work with these people, then I too must consider coming back home and return home he did and the rest is history,” said Dollo in a long speech which saw him heap praises on the Monitor newspaper for deepening the frontiers of freedom in Uganda over the last 30 years besides enriching Uganda’s jurisprudence.

He reflected on the precedence-setting cases of Onyango and Andrew Mwenda which resulted into the offence of fake news and that of sedition (as created under the Penal Code Act) being scrapped by the Supreme Court of Uganda. As we talk today, Kenneth David Mafabi (who formerly was a diehard supporter of UPC) is a diehard Musevenist and he actually works in State House as an influential assistant to the veteran leader from Rwakitura. He often writes his views and gets them published in both Monitor and New Vision newspapers from time to time besides occasionally appearing on leading political talk shows like Capital Gang where he debates with Gen Museveni’s opponents like Ibrahim Semujju Nganda, another product of Monitor newspaper. (For comments on this story, get back to us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734 & 0200900416 or email us at




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