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By Eric Luyimbazi 

On Friday, Sembule tycoon Christopher Sembuya was laid to rest in Nkokonjeru Buikwe district and it was a high profile funeral which attracted many big people from both the opposition and government including two Ministers Katumba Wamala and the extremely gorgeous Diana Mutasingwa (both hail from Greater Mukono/Kyaggwe).

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Because of this, there was heavy deployment of security including UPDF soldiers some of whom were excited to have such close proximity with Bobi Wine, the leader of the NUP party in which one of the Sembuya kids (Mr. Stephen Sembuya) is a leader having been their flag bearer for Buikwe South MP Seat which went to DP’s Lulume Bayiga.

After the burial, some of the soldiers politely walked over to Fadha (as supporters call Bobi) and begged for some selfie moments. Mr. Wine initially was reluctant but gave in after consulting his security team headed by Eddie Mutwe, the kinyozi who is very close to Fadha. The Mr. Wine team advised that soldiers take a proper group photo as opposed to mere selfies.

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And the excited army men stampeded as they surrendered their smart phones to Eddie Mutwe who took for them what they called “once in a life time memorable photos.”  Mr. Wine, whose presidential ambitions Tamale Mirundi has been scorning on grounds he isn’t a soldier, beamed with blessedness as he smiled from ear to ear as the army men stood next to him to have the desired pictures taken.

As can be expected, Mr. Wine’s presence at the burial created a lot of excitement not only among soldiers but the ordinary people with many parents and old women lining to confide in him their personal problems. They insisted he is the one they have and who can solve their problems since he “is the President’ they voted for during the January 2021 elections.

An old woman reports her land-related problems to Kyagulanyi who she said is the one she voted for.

Locals report more problems to ‘President’ Kyagulanyi.

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