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 By Mulengera Reporters

 The family of Charles Isanga, a Jinja-based businessman whose death caused problems for ex-Jinja RDC Eric Sakwa, has vehemently denied being connected at all to a group of young men and women who demonstrated while purporting to publicly apologize to Sakwa. The incident took place on Friday and, joined by local area leaders, Isanga’s widows addressed reporters saying they can never apologize to Sakwa. To the contrary, they said total justice is all they are looking forward to and implored the President to ensure no one messes up with the case to ensure their husband and son doesn’t die in vain. They vowed readiness to give evidence pinning Sakwa.

Speaking to reporters at Lwanda village, the widows and Isanga’s elderly mother said they don’t know the guys who came out to apologize holding themselves out as orphans and widows of the deceased. The disputed apologizers while speaking in Budondo Sub County Ivunamba village as Isanga’s widows and orphans falsely claimed they had been procured by MP Grace Balyeku closely working with Mafubira Sub County Chairman Hamis Kiganira to demonize Sakwa. Kiganira, flanked by the genuine widows, insisted Isanga died from bodily wounds inflicted on him by Sakwa’s men. Kiganira wondered when Isanga ever lived in Ivunamba village as the kiwaani apologizers claimed.

David Kyera, a young brother to the deceased, says his brother never had relatives outside Lwanda village that they knew of. Kyera said that before his death, his brother had given his narrative maintaining Sakwa was responsible for his wounding and eventual death. That the family will seek legal redress against the impostors who ashamed them claiming to apologize on their behalf.

Namuli Rose, one of the widows with whom Isanga had 10 children, says Isanga had a total of 12 children and 2 widows that are well known by all. She also refuted claims that Isanga died of high blood pressure adding she is a willing witness because she was there when her husband was being tortured by Sakwa’s men.

Richard Sanga, one of the orphans, says they are ready to have DNA test to prove those who apologized aren’t members of their family. The young man says they are surprised there are people who don’t mind riding on a dead man to profit and earn some quick money instead of allowing the family to grieve. The interdicted Sakwa is out on bail having been previously charged with manslaughter regarding the torture and eventual death of Isanga.

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