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By Mulengera Reporters

In response to our Friday story focusing on the proceedings of last Monday Cabinet meeting (, veteran economist Mzee Chapaa Karuhanga has shared the following thoughts:


The problem with us Africans at times we are so amazing! Do many of those MPs believe that the European Parliament means what they said? First of all the crude oil from the Albertine region is already theirs. At least may be with a small group of Uganda sell outs!

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They need the crude and indeed they need it outside Uganda! If you want to know, take a mini refinery to Uganda to process the crude during this period when petroleum products are scarce and the prices are shooting through the roof.

Total will not hear that and cannot allow you to start any refinery at all. They can’t give you even one barrel of crude!! They need this crude in their countries or somewhere, where they can process it and utilize the byproducts for other industries.

Whenever we would be slaughtering a cow, a goat and the dogs start disturbing you, you get a stone and throw it in the bush. Interestingly all the dogs would rush to the bush thinking you have thrown there a piece of meat! We need to study these people (I mean the Europeans).

They have different objectives for their parliamentary decision. Total wields a lot of influence within the European Parliament! They are just grandstanding. They badly need the oil outside Uganda!

They are making a killing in terms of profits on the pipeline itself! Of course Uganda is incurring a debt for the pipeline while European countries are indirectly benefitting from the pipeline of course through Total and other European countries that are to supply components and accessories for the pipeline and of course for the oil platforms and the Telenga oil well and others!

You need to know that Total etc are already earning greatly through futures as those oil fields are already on stock exchange hence helping to raise the share value of Total. Mind you Total, through the international oil cartel, Total is earning from the petroleum products that are currently sold on the international market at the increasing prices!

At the moment, Total is not in a hurry to see the Ugandan Crude on the international market! It does not see any value at all. Therefore don’t be deceived that European Parliament mean what they say. No! Not at all.

Their objective is to squeeze Uganda to yield more concessions to Total and its allies in the oil cartel. Secondly, they want in future to “play” clean when there are environmental problems which will of course be there. And such problems have always been there wherever there are oil wells and oil pipelines. They are unavoidable!

They will blame Uganda when such problems arise and levy the environmental contamination cost unto Uganda in terms of environmental degradation and through their international environmental “protection” cartel surcharge Uganda Government for the remediation costs and also cause Uganda to pay a penalty for the environmental damage.

The Europeans, unlike the majority of Africans, think far much ahead than ourselves! When time comes and they find it necessary to get the oil out of the ground and transport it through the “contested” pipeline to Tanga, they will do it.

Likewise, if you allow them to colonize us again and be responsible for the Ugandan Economy and take charge of politics and formally own Uganda, they will instead build the refinery in Uganda and develop Uganda for themselves and not for ourselves. The pipeline may then not be necessary!


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