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By Mulengera Reporters

Busiro East MP Medard Segona, in office since 2011, has politically never been sleepless like today. The former Kabaka Minister has for unknown reasons been targeted mostly by powerful tycoons (though novices at the political game) who badly want him out on grounds that he has overstayed in office and yet he materially doesn’t share with voters.

Segona, who President Museveni onetime humorously belittled for being “kalya amandazi” as opposed to being “kalya amaggwa,” was yet to get used to being vigorously opposed by Buloba-based money bags Emmanuel Matovu Magoola when another city tycoon threw his hat in the ring. And this tycoon is none other than Charles Wilson Ggala who, unlike Magoola a Musoga, can’t be dismissed as alien in Buganda because is a proper Muganda belonging to Mutima clan. This is the reason the wealthy trading tycoon has taken to introducing himself as “Muzzukulu wa Namugera [the mutima clan head].”

Renowned city lawyer Segona is no doubt a very good legislator when it comes to debating very excellently on the floor of Parliament but the voters are these days saying “give us something too because we won’t eat only words and your anti-Museveni utterances.” This way of deflating leaders who genuinely oppose Gen Museveni and make very great demagoguery speeches against the incumbent President is something Mukasa Mbidde, Segona’s VP in DP, has been popularizing in Masaka while decampaigning incumbent Mathias Mpuuga who, just like Segona, has been in Parliament eating things since 2011.

Unfortunately, this Mbidde propaganda is something majority voters in most of the peri-urban constituencies have bought into which is the reason Mukono’s Betty Nambooze, Kiira’s Semujju Nganda, Rubaga North’s Moses Kasibante and others are suffering to secure reelection. Voters have taken to saying ‘yes honorable you have done well bashing Museveni on radio, TV and in Parliament but our children can’t eat mere words.’

Perhaps it’s the way he was brought up, Segona (who despises political materialism) has for years been known by his voters as one who doesn’t easily part with money. And it’s this very weakness that the generous tycoons Matovu and Ggala are capitalizing on to demonize and portray him as selfish before voters. It’s a reputation he will have to fight hard to overcome and erase from the hearts and minds of his electors. Yet time doesn’t seem to be on his side; truth is voters are hungry and want to eat something now and not after 2021.

Having tactfully waited for ANT’s Magoola to get financially exhausted, Ggala opened his taps last weekend and the game-changing Boda riders have benefited most. He has been making use of their stage leaderships to deliver full tank of fuel for each one of them every week. And this has naturally caused Segona’s political breathing space to shrink. Some of the incumbent’s supporters, having failed to match Ggala’s money, have resorted to conniving with police and other security agencies to threaten to cause the tycoon to be arrested on grounds that its criminal to give fuel to voters during campaign period as the same evidences voters bribery which is prohibited.

Ggala is using his wife, a staunch born again Christian who fellowships at Pastor Tom Mugerwa’s Mutundwe Church, to reach out to especially women and youth groups. His financial support is channeled to individual boda riders and also to women and youths who have chosen to organize themselves into groups. He seems to be NRM-leaning though and his generosity has wooed many to rethink their allegiance to stingy Medard Segona. Ggala maintains he is independent; not affiliated to any political party. Aged 53, Eng Ggala hails from Kikungwe Kalisizo rural Sub County in Kyotera district. His great grandfather was a Mailo owner, a status bestowed upon him by the Kabaka of Buganda in appreciation of his distinguished service to the Kingdom.

His ancestry is in Nabigasa Sub County Kyotera district where Mzee Kapupa Nekemeya, his paternal grandfather, was buried.  Younger Ggala did his PLE in the 1970s at St. Joseph PS Nabbingo whereafter he joined King’s College Buddo (for O’level) and then Old Kampala SS where he did his A’level ending up at Makerere University where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering. He then relocated to UK and US for work and while their, he produced some of his children. Through all this, Eng Ggala (a strong family man) has always counted on the solidarity of his wife Sylivia Ggala, an active worshipper at Victory Believers Church of Nakasozi Buddo. An O/G of Nabisunsa Girls, Mariam High Nkozi & ISBAT University, Sylivia also worships with Pastor Tom Mugerwa’s Mutundwe Christian Fellowship.

He is ironically a close neighbor to Segona as they both live in Nakasozi Buddo’s Kasiba B Zone where Ggala has a palatial residence which the financially deprived boda riders continue to freely access while promising to kill him with votes. Segona is taking several steps to counter this political encroachment by Ggala. He has for instance convened a consultative meeting with Boda riders in Busiro East which will take place tomorrow Sunday at his Nakasozi residence. He ostensibly wants to receive their petition raising COVID19 lock down-related grievances which he says he is going to table in Parliament before the Speaker for some mitigation decisions to be taken. Ggala says he isn’t shaken and his campaign message is centered at routing out corruption, uniting area residents and lobbying for development programs for the community. The wealthy land lord, who also owns swanky rental apartments, says he wants to make sure by the time he is done with his five years as MP, everybody in Busiro East will have achieved economic empowerment. May the best win!

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