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By Mulengera Reporters

The more than 13m Anglican Christians in Uganda must be reeling in shock after their immediate former Archbishop Stanley Ntagali confessed to habitually sleeping with a married woman who he impregnated in the process. The former Masindi-Kitara Diocese Bishop (2004-2012) says he was tempted by the devil to get into a sexual affair with a married woman who proved to be salaciously too seductive for him to resist. Ntagali’s little secret was betrayed and let out by his peer Bishop Foley Beach of the North American Chapter of the Anglican Church who published a stinging dossier showing that the flamboyant cleric from Bunyoro-Land had privately admitted to having multiple sexual liaisons with the very beautiful member of his congregation. It was an extra-marital affair which inadvertently resulted into issue.

In his capacity as chairman for GAFCON Primates Council, which globally unites all Anglican Archbishops, Foley Beach was at Namirembe last year where Dr. Steven Kazimba Mugalu was consecrated/enthroned as new Archbishop replacing the now scandal-stricken Ntagali. The American cleric gave a glowing sermon in which he was full of praises for Ntagali not knowing what was already at his heart.

Bp Foley now says Ntagali, who must be commended for owning up to his evil deeds, now requires prayer and encouragement so that the good Lord forgives him for the many believers who are going to stumble because of his blasphemous actions and deeds. It’s a moral failure the entire body of Christ must own up to while praying or Ntagali’s restoration, urges Bishop Foley. Ntagali ceased to be Archbishop of Anglican Church in Uganda on 1st March last year upon reaching the retirement age. He had the privilege to serve as the 8th Archbishop for the Ugandan Province.

Archbishop Ntagali in a past photo taken at Entebbe Airport as he prepared for pilgrimage with one of the members of the Christian congregation

A totally flabbergasted and distraught Kazimba Mugalu says there is no way Ntagali can get away with so much sin adding that he must be sanctioned to clearly demonstrate to all that in the Anglican Church, nobody (however senior) can ever be above God’s law. He emulates Bishop Foley in imploring Ntagali to own up and seek repentance and spiritual cleansing from the Almighty Creator. That Ntagali must equally feel remorseful over his imprudent actions that have hurt family members of the married mother/wife with whom he eloped resulting into issue.

Kazimba says that whoever has been involved in such acts or cover up of similar perversions elsewhere in the Church of Uganda at whatever level will equally be sanctioned to demonstrate to the world that such perverse conduct is abominable. In his Wednesday 13th January letter to subordinate Bishops, Kazimba Mugalu indicates that much as each of the more than 13m Anglican Christians in Uganda is potentially a sinner, Ntagali must be held to a higher moral standard because of the privileged leadership position he holds in the Anglican Church fraternity.

That all clerics are called to a higher moral standard which their master Christ expects them to preach and practice in their private lives. Kazimba admonishes Ntagali for betraying the office of Archbishop, his ordination vows and the expected high moral standards he has fallen short of. Kazimba adds that Ntagali has actually betrayed and put to shame his Lord Jesus Christ, his wife, the marriage vows that he proclaimed, his children and Christians who rightly must have looked up to him for spiritual and moral inspiration.

For being a self-confessed adulterer of such pedigree, Kazimba has decreed that Ntagali should never lead Church services or administer Holy Communion anywhere again. He shouldn’t celebrate any sacraments nor represent the Anglican Church of Uganda in any capacity for an indefinite period of time. The ill-fated cleric can’t carry out any priestly duties again. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at




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