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By Mulengera Reporters

We are back to share more leaks from the Friday meeting President Museveni had with EC bosses at Entebbe State House. It was a closed secret meeting but being an investigative website, we have been able to obtain plenty of leaks (from both EC and State House sources) regarding what was deliberated and agreed upon.

In our earlier story ( we referred to a comprehensive document which the EC bosses shared with Gen Museveni and it was the center of all the subsequent discussions. The EC bosses thanked Gen Museveni for ensuring they have all the money they require to conduct the 2021 elections and Chairman Simon Byabakama repeatedly told the President elections must be held not later than 8th February 2021 insisting that is as per the provisions of the law in its current form. This means all polling activities must be completed by that date to pave way for the new government to be formed in May 2021.

There was consensus at the meeting that once all the election-related activities are digitized to go online, it’s possible to hit that deadline. That the EC, which already has all the money, must do all the necessary recruitments online and on time. The available jobs will soon be advertised, people interviewed and recruited through online. The EC bosses assured Museveni they have capacity to leverage on platforms like zoom to make even the training of the new recruits is carried out without exposing anyone to the danger of contracting Coronavirus.

 The EC bosses requested and Museveni agreed that for that tight schedule to be adhered to (polling not later that 8th February 2021), political parties must have the lists of their flag bearers ready by 1st August 2020 and Gen Museveni, insisting he was speaking strictly for his NRM, assured them it’s possible the ruling party can conduct its primaries and all internal elections between June and July and deliver their lists to the EC before 1st August. There was consensus that the burden to verify the academic qualifications of those candidates will be shouldered by the parties or political formations sponsoring such candidates. This potentially leaves independents in a very awkward position.


The campaigning is to be conducted via zoom, sms messaging, phone calling, Radios and TV appearances all at the cost of the individual candidates and parties sponsoring them. Nobody will be allowed to conduct rallies or any political meetings. The UCC and police will be at hand to ensure compliance with all those campaigning guidelines that will continuously be justified on the fact that we have COVID necessitating new normals.


On the polling day, wearing of masks will be compulsory for all voters and Gen Museveni said nobody will have any excuse not to have a mask because the state is already giving them out free of charge and Ugandans are expected to keep their reusable masks up to that time. Whoever doesn’t have it will not be allowed in the polling area. And the EC will have to procure plenty of sanitizers, thermometer guns to secure people at the polling stations. The duty to handle all this sensitive rigorous procurement at the EC will be conducted by Umaru Kiggundu, a son to former EC Chairman Badru Kiggundu. He was recently recruited to serve as head of election management in the EC and it’s something Gen Museveni ratified during the Friday meeting as okay. Umaru previously participated in election management in Elgon region and later on KMP for 2016 general elections during which materials arrived very late. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at



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