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By Mulengera Reporters

Following the strict discipline he enforced during the 31st December 2019 Enkuuka annual concert on Tuesday inside Lubiri Mengo, CBS Programs Director Abbey Mukiibi Nkaga (who is also a very influential figure at Mengo) has come under plenty of cyber harassment and attacks by supporters of Bobi Wine and his People Power Movement. Being the official contact person between Mengo/CBS radio and Abbey Musinguzi, whose Abtex was contracted to organize the event, Abbey Mukiibi was literally the man under whom all the day’s MCs operated. He was the major event MC actually who had many other subordinates; all of whom were CBS presenters. Being a loyal subject of the Kabaka and one unprepared to antagonize his boss the Katikkiro Peter Mayiga, Abbey Mukiibi used that clout to ensure nobody used the Enkuuka platform to bad mouth President Museveni and his NRM government.

Abby Mukiibi (R) with the Kalisoliso crew, a CBS radio morning program that has vast influence across Buganda and other Bantu-speaking parts of Uganda. War with him would be terrible miscalculation by People Power adherents because his influence goes beyond the CBS airwaves (reaching a minimum of 10m people every morning) into theater, comedy and other platforms

Arguing it was wrong for him to repeatedly restrain musicians and other entertainers who came on stage and tried to politicize the event by engaging in anti-government rhetoric, Mr. Wine’s supporters have been on social media rebuking Abbey Mukiibi while calling him all sorts of names. Some have gone as far as branding him a mole using his position at Mengo to protect the interests of President Museveni who they claim he works for while undermining the boy from Magere.

It’s against this background that Mulengera News this morning rang and interviewed Abbey Mukiibi. Sounding astonished that anyone could mistake him for one who doesn’t wish Mr. Wine well, Abbey Mukiibi said there is no way anyone can use him to fight the People Power leader. “I’m shocked that something like that can happen. I can only be misunderstood otherwise there is no way I can fight Bobi Wine. I have no reason to,” Mukiibi said adding that he was yet to adequately acquaint himself with why he is being targeted for social media attacks and who exactly could be behind the ongoing cyber assault. “I will know how to find out,” he concluded.

Some have defended Enkuuka organizers by arguing that its important People Power supporters appreciate Mengo’s magnanimity because it’s the only public gathering where they can freely express their support and solidarity for Mr. Wine (like they did to the extent of being permitted to put on their red colors and celebrate Mr. Wine the way they wished) without being sanctioned or teargassed or even arrested by the State agents.

Towards 3am, the crowd became rowdy and bottles were violently thrown at the main stage as angry PP fans protested the fact that Mr. Wine was nowhere to be seen among all the musicians that performed. They protested even more vigorously when Abbey Mukiibi prevented Eddie Yawe from bashing the State regarding the deportation of Yvonne Chaka Chaka who event promoter Abbey Musinguzi had spent months advertising as Kabaka Mutebi’s special guest for the Enkuuka.

As they protested Mr. Wine’s absence after 2am, the gathered Kabaka subjects unleashed their resentment on low profiled musicians like Rocky Giant who they argued had no business wasting their time since he wasn’t among the big-name musicians they came expecting to listen to. In contrast, Jose Chameleon, who donned People Power colors and made fond references to Mr. Wine, received kudos and commendations from the crowd as Abbey Mukiibi called for restraint as chief MC for the event. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 or email us at



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