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By Joel Mugabi

MPs from Busoga sub-region have praised the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) team led by Executive Director Allen Kagina on a job well done in improving infrastructure in their respective districts.

The UNRA leadership team met MPs from Busoga to discuss the status of road infrastructure in the region yesterday. ED Kagine led the UNRA officials while Bugabula South MP Henry Maurice Kibalya led the legislators. The latter group included: Kaliro District Woman MP Brenda Namukuta, Bugabula North’s John Teira, Inyensiko Kyobe of Luuka North, Aga David Isabirye of Jinja North and Moses Walyomu of Kagoma. Others were: Jinja West’s Timothy Batuwa Lusala, Busiki’s Paul Akamba, Buzaaya’s Martin Muzaale, Veronica Babirye (Buyende Woman MP) and Ibrahim Kyoto of Budiope West.

The happy MPs showered Kagina and her UNRA team with praises for working on several projects to improve road infrastructure. They further noted that the people of Busoga were now reaping the benefits of improved infrastructure.

“When roads exist, our people can engage in economic activity. They can improve their households’ way of life. We need to build more roads that connect Busoga to other regions of the nation,” said MP Kibalya.

The MPs also expressed concern over allegations that the planned works on the Jinja-Mbulamuti-Kamuli-Bukungu 127km Road had been cancelled, something that had bred unnecessary anxiety in the region.

But in her remarks during the meeting, UNRA boss Kagina assured the legislators the Jinja-Mbulamuti-Kamuli-Bukungu Road upgrade would not be cancelled. “There is no intention to remove this road nor to cancel it,” she said.

Kagina further emphasized the centrality of road infrastructure in Uganda’s economic growth and development equation.

“Roads infrastructure is one of the key factors on which Uganda’s economic growth depends. The roads we have built have increased access to markets for agricultural produce, tourism sites, etc. These sectors have been identified as the linchpin for Uganda’s economic recovery following the Covid19 pandemic,’ she noted.

UNRA’s Director in charge of Road Maintenance, Eng Joseph Otim, updated the MPs on the various roads that are being maintained in the region. Eng Otim noted that the 46km Kamuli-Kaliro Road grading and gravelling works were ongoing and being undertaken by Tegeka Enterprises Ltd.

Works by MG Engineers Ltd on the 68 Kamuli-Bukungu Road were graded as substantial completion, with swamp filling works ongoing. For the 29km Iganga-Bulopa-Kamuli, Networld U Ltd was undertaking ongoing grading, culvert installation and gravelling works.

Otim further told the MPs that for the 47km Kamuli-Bugaya-Igwaya-Iyingo Road, UNRA would soon issue call off order for grading and gravelling works since Rocktrust had been awarded the contract. He also noted that the Periodic Mechanized Maintenance of the 52km Kaliro-Irundu Road was underway, with Swift Engineering (U) Ltd currently undertaking grading, culvert installation, swamp filling and gravelling works. Already, 7km of gravelling was done. The works were being delayed since the contractor was not on site after being demobilized due to lockdown.

Regarding the Drainage Improvement of Works for Lumbuye A Swamp crossing along the 46km Kamuli-Namwendwa-Kaliro Road (46km) being carried out by M/S Kasese Nail & Wood Industry Ltd in joint Venture with Prisma Limited, construction of three cell box culverts had been completed while gravel filling in between the box culverts was ongoing. The Director also explained that drainage improvement works for the Lumbuye B Swamp crossing along the 52km Kaliro-Nawaikoke-Irundu were being undertaken by M/S Hands Uganda Ltd and JV Uganda Martrys Housing and Construction Company, with rock blasting and dumping of Rock ongoing.

The UNRA team also gave the MPs an update on the status of the emergency works for the reconstruction of Saka Swamp Crossing on the Kaliro-Pallisa National Road Network. The Saaka swamp crossing was affected by flash floods that occurred towards the end of 2019, which washed off significant sections of the bridge rendering access impossible.

Kagina and her team explained that UNRA was now fast tracking reconstruction works which will include construction of a 4.5km causeway, construction of a series of multiple lines of multicell box culverts, and construction of major bridge at the location of main river channel. UNRA noted that the planned procurement process of the activities was underway and works are expected to start in November 2021.

Overall, Kagina assured the MPs that “UNRA is committed to the equitable development of Uganda through the construction of modern roads and bridges, nationally.”(For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at





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