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By Mulengera Reporters 

Busoga sub region will, for purposes of the 11th Parliament, be home to 44 MPs and those overseeing the Rebecca Kadaga reelection campaigns (for Speakership) consider it ideal that the politician from Mbulamuti sweeps everything from her home turf. However, this ideal has remained elusive because there are other interests working very hard to ensure Jacob Oulanyah, her thick-skinned nemesis, prevails.

For instance there is a group of MPs who believe that, having been Deputy Speaker for 10 years and Speaker for another 10, Kadaga has “eaten enough” and must vacate the stage for someone else from Busoga sub region to shine at that level. Such people are hoping that Gen Museveni makes the current NRM Secretary General Kasule Lumumba the new Vice President replacing the frail Edward Sekandi.

Lumumba is a Catholic just like Sekandi and a woman just like Dr. Specioza Wandira Kazibwe who was VP many years ago. And in Museveni’s Uganda, Catholics have over the years come to believe that the VP slot is theirs-and that has been the practice from Kazibwe, Gilbert Bukenya and now Sekandi. Such Lumumba adherents are praying hard that Kadaga doesn’t become Speaker because that will complicate the equation as fears to be seen as making Busoga eat too much might make Gen Museveni uncomfortable making Lumumba VP once Kadaga bounces back as No. 3.

As such, the Kadaga adherents overseeing her reelection efforts have continued perceiving Lumumba as an obstacle and the same applies to a number of MPs who they see as close to her or anti-Kadaga for one reason or the other. In this story, Mulengera News reflects on the MPs who have continued to be a target of attacks by Kadaga social media supporters who curse them as obstacles to their woman’s bouncing back as Speaker.


The ill-fated MPs include Budiope East MP Hassim Moses Magogo who, (polling 27,675 votes) managed to overcome 4 other competitors including the incumbent Godfrey Dhamuzungu (12,508 votes), to secure himself a place in the 11th Parliament. Magogo has been cagey while defying Kadaga adherents who continue to demand that he tells the world who he supports. “You can simply not afford being neutral between right and wrong,” one of the Kadaga social media warriors asserted in a recent provocative message sent on Magogo’s phone.

Some are also claiming that Magogo isn’t a very productive cadre for NRM because, they assert that, the violence his camp (boosted by notorious bacubas/mercenaries who came from Teso) unleashed during the election period left many innocent Basogas maimed and crippled, something they say greatly demonized Gen Museveni as the national Chairman of the NRM and the same in some way diminished his support in Buyende, a district he had always swept with relative ease.

“Yes its true Buyende is one of the few Busoga districts where Mzee beat Bobi Wine but the margin was very slim,” says a Kadaga diehard claiming they can’t tolerate a man in whose name the children of Budiope had to get maimed. That the Magogo camp violence and other inappropriate actions greatly emboldened the NUP camp in Buyende district and thereby diminishing the Museveni margin. Some Kadaga fanatics have gone native to the extent of disputing Magogo’s Ugandan nationality. While asserting that Dhamuzungu was much better, the Kadaga adherents have vowed to make the constituency ungovernable for him in the next five years.

Nakato Mary Annet, the new Buyende Woman MP, is another Busoga MP who the Kadaga campaigners have blacklisted as a saboteur. That because she is very close to Jinja tycoon Moses Karangwa, through whom she linked up with a powerful General from Western Uganda who generously funded her campaigns, Nakato (who grew up with priests in the Catholic Church parish in greater Kamuli) must naturally be out to frustrate Mama Busoga as Kadaga is fondly called. Nakato won against Kadaga blue eyed girl Veronica Kadogo who had been MP for 10 years since 2011. Kadogo was decampaigned over the President’s donated hoes which never reached peasants in Buyende. There was also the ambulance saga which equally cost her.          

The other Busoga MPs who have been blacklisted by the Kadaga social media army include Igeme Nabeta and Milton Muwuma who they say are anti-Kadaga because they are blossom buddies of NRM SG Kasule Lumumba. Mayuge Woman MP Rukia Nakadama, a former Minister of State at the Gender Ministry who sharply fell out with Kadaga over Kyabazingaship-related disagreements, is another Busoga MP who continues to be targeted for demonization by the Kadaga diehards.

The fearless Princess Parsis Namuganza’s battles with Kadaga are well known and no one should be surprised with her venom against the woman from Mbulamuti. Renowned for taking no prisoners, Namuganza has never been found wanting each time she is required to take on the lioness from Kamuli. Solomon Silwanyi equally appears on the list of the blacklisted and the Kadaga camp says he can simply not risk antagonizing Kasule Lumumba who is widely understood as closely working with Ruth Nankabirwa in leading the anti-Kadaga lobby.

Bulamogi County MP-elect Sanon Bwire Nadeeba is naturally very resentful of Kadaga due to purely political economy calculations because in his constituency, voters dislike her for enabling the current Kyabazinga Gabula to successfully stand in the way of their son Zibondo who believed it was his time to become King. So by standing in Kadaga’s way, Sanon Bwire (who scored 18,289 votes against others including FDC’s Simon Muyanga/11,322 votes) is naturally consolidating his Bulamogi vote.

Baroda Kayaga Watongola, who replaced her late mum Rehema Watongola for Kamuli Municipality MP Seat, is another Kadaga nemesis who the diehards have vowed to neutralize. They claim that, besides carrying on with the proxy wars between her family and Kadaga, she is also a proxy for the likes of outgoing LC5 Chairman Thormas Kategere and Salaam Musumba.

In a related development, Mulengera News has learnt that, inspite of all these apparent betrayals, Kadaga personally remains very confident of victory and for the larger Eastern region some of the strong supporters she is counting on include Katakwi Woman MP Jessica Alupo and Mbale City Woman MP Connie Galiwango among others.

The two powerful NRM ladies are back for business in the 11th Parliament as ruling party-leaning independents having been dissatisfied with the manner in which the August 2020 NRM party primaries were conducted.

Whereas Alupo scored 28,361 votes against incumbent Violet Akurut Adome (20,386) to bounce back as Katakwi Woman MP, Connie Nakayenze Galiwango polled 40,729 votes effectively becoming the pioneer Woman MP for Mbale City where she floored NRM flag bearer Lydia Wanyoto Mutende who emerged 2nd with 25,276. Kadaga believes these two senior legislators have what it takes to closely work with others to consolidate her vote in their respective sub regions of Teso and Bugisu.  (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at

Justine Kasule Lumumba (M) seen here cutting the cake at State House this Monday afternoon with Rugunda and VP Sekandi who some Busoga MPs believe she will be replacing now that Gen Museveni has seen off his outgoing cabinet as Mulengera reported recently.



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