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By Mulengera Reporters 

For many years, leaders from Busoga sub region engaged in feuding which ultimately weakened the region and cracked up the some leaders beyond redemption. In the last 10 years or so, Gen Museveni generously empowered Busoga by appointing many sons and daughters of Kyabazinga to big positions.

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Beneficiaries included Rebecca Kadaga who became Speaker of Parliament for 10 years and Kasule Lumumba who served as NRM Secretary General for close to 8 years. Others included Kirunda Kivejinja (RIP) who was Deputy Prime Minister etc. Decades earlier, Specioza Kazibwe had served as Vice President of Uganda etc.

But the more Museveni elevated them, the more the Basogas formed cliques and fermented intrigue against each other. In the end, the wrangling, which at some point saw Parsis Namuganza lead a faction of young militants and going as far as seeking to oust Kadaga from her prestigious CEC position of NRM 2nd National Vice Chairperson, cost the sub region dearly.

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Having been badly bruised by NUP’s Robert Kyagulanyi for the Presidential vote in 2021, Gen Museveni got angry and decided to withdraw some of the lucrative positions he had gifted Busoga with. Some of the prestigious positions the ever feuding Busoga sub region lost consequent to the 2021 Museveni defeat in Busoga included Kadaga’s Speakership which initially went to the Acholis with Jacob Oulanyah becoming Speaker. The same later on went to Anita Among from Bukedea/Teso sub region after Oulanyah’s death.

The Busoga sub region also lost Kasule Lumumba’s lucrative office of being NRM Secretary General which was given to Richard Todwong. Kasule, who many had speculated would become VP, ended up with some obscure posting under the Prime Minister Robinah Nabanja who used to contemptuously serve as Treasurer of the NRM caucus at the time Kasule was the Government Chief Whip. Currently, there is realization that the infighting and intrigue of the past so many years cost the sub region and it’s something which shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

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The post-2021 demoralization has seemingly pushed some of the politicians from Busoga sub region into some soul searching having realized that some of the intrigue and backstabbing they engaged in was counterproductive and simply unnecessary. As a result, some of them have reconciled as they focus onto the future. Examples of those who have mended fences include Rebecca Kadaga and Parsis Namuganza who these days treat each other courteously during cabinet meetings and beyond.

Cabinet sources say that Namuganza these days famously refers to Kadaga as Senga which she reciprocates by calling her “my daughter.” The two are also working well together to accomplish the President’s assignments relating to the construction of key infrastructure for the Namugongo-based Anglican shrines.

Kadaga chairs the government taskforce on which Namuganza sits as a member. We couldn’t readily establish how often the two have had chance to reflect on their acrimonious past. Kadaga is equally less antagonistic towards Kasule Lumumba or even Rukia Nakaaddama with whom they had sharp disagreements relating to the gazzetement of Kyabazingaship at a time Nakaddama was the line Minister of culture.

In contrast, their counterparts from Teso are the ones currently feuding like there is no tomorrow. It’s widely understood that a group of politicians loyal to Speaker Anita Among don’t see eye to eye with those perceived as being loyal to Vice President Jessica Alupo.

The Among loyalists include the likes of NRM Eastern region Vice Chairman Mike Mukula, Peter Ogwang, ex-MP Violet Akurut and others. The Alupo adherents include MP John Bosco Ikojo and Ministers like Musa Ecweru and others. It’s some complicated political feuding that in the end could cost many of them the political clout at the national level. (For comments on this story, get back to us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734 & 0200900416 or email us at




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