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By Mulengera Reporters

A section of royal chiefs from the different chiefdoms in the Busoga sub-region, on Friday, elected another chief royal prince. At the beginning of the month, six royal chiefs resolved to impeach King Gabula Nadiope.

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In their impeachment letter dated 3rd, January 2022, the chiefs say that Busoga Lukiiko members fraudulently approved a motion to allow Gabula to rule for life after his term expired in 2019.

The chiefs also protest lack of accountability as the kingdom runs without a justifiable operational budget despite receiving donations from both non-governmental organizations and the business community.

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Addressing a press conference in Iganga town, the royal chiefs unveiled Yokonia Isiko, as the chief royal prince, who will also carry the mandate of steering other chiefs as they earmark preparations of coronation and unveiling another King.

Isiko told journalists that, the royal chiefs’ decision to impeach Gabula is legitimate since it resulted from several unresolved managerial gaps like undermining the sovereignty of other chiefdoms, which form the kingdom.

He adds that they further resolved to elect Columbus Wambuzi as the new king and he rallied members of the general public to pay allegiance to him.

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Robert Mukajanga, the royal chief of Bunha chiefdom says that all the six royal chiefs willingly appended their signatures on the resolution document, as a matter of reaffirming their willingness to impeach Gabula. He adds that they have also agreed to create a new governing council for the Busoga kingdom.

Ayub Banamwita, the royal chief of Butembe says that the current Kingdom administrators are threatening whoever attempts to task them to account for the Kingdom’s property and funds.

Banamwita adds that their decision to impeach Gabula was a protest vote after their attempts of tasking him to rearrange his kingdom’s administration landed on deaf ears.

John Ntale, the royal chief of Bunhole Bunhanhumba chiefdom says that they have laid out plans of reclaiming the Kingdom headquarters and peacefully usher in a King of their choice.

On Friday, Busoga Kingdom Prime Minister, Joseph Muvawala dismissed the royal chiefs’ decision as illegal and baseless, since the current Busoga kingdom’s constitution warrants any elected King to reign for their entire lifetime–URN. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us



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