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By Mulengera Reporters  

One of the legislators from Bugisu sub region risks losing her woman MP slot come 2026 largely because of her decision to abandon her hubby and father of her children in order to elope with a fellow Parliamentarian. They both belong to the ruling NRM and represent constituencies in Elgon. She’s been a legislator for more than 10 years and the male MP, who is equally married, is in his first term.

The gorgeous female MP has been winning largely because of the hubby’s financial support and deep network for mobilization as he is a diehard NRM cadre. The hubby expected some financial reimbursement which the female MP refused to give upon securing reelection for 2021.

Instead, the two parted ways and she started staying away and even ordered him never to step at her Kampala home which is based in the Bweyogerere neighborhood. He has since moved on vowing to resist her 2026 reelection as the mother of his children enjoys herself with the fellow NRM MP.

In fact, he is investing in the couple’s first born who is soon completing his bachelor’s degree at IUIU Mbale campus. The very beautiful female legislator is even being tasked to agree to a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of two of the couple’s children.

There are rumors, which the estranged hubby has equally bought into, that one child might be for a senior Museveni Minister who is also a General and the other for a former Municipality MP in the same Eastern region who currently serves as Chairman for a government parastatal.

Much as she is enjoying steamy romps with a fellow MP, currently in his first term, the female legislator is politically stressed to the extent that those close to her say she might even decline and not seek reelection because without the hubby campaigning for her, she stands very limited chances.

In fact, one of the senior female Ministers married in another part of Uganda is considering taking advantage of the female MP’s cracking political fortunes to relocate and run in her district since it’s where she is born.

The male MP, with whom she is sleeping these days, is equally threatened in his Bugisu constituency because one of the guys he defeated in 2021 is back to the trenches vigorously campaigning to oust him come 2026. There is also a former State Minister already on the ground campaigning to go and uproot him come 2026 both inside NRM and in general elections.

The romping male MP is politically vulnerable because even in 2021, his winning margin was very slim to the extent if two of his strongest opponents didn’t come from the same Sub County, there is no way he was going to win. The two opponents from the same Sub County split the votes and that’s how the male MP, whose score was around 10,000 votes, managed to carry the day. (For comments on this story, get back to us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734 & 0200900416 or email us at





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