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By Mulengera Reporters

Late Friday evening, Bobi Wine (travelling incognito & using a spacio-size car) sneaked out of his Magere home. He had to use such a small car (he actually recently procured four of them) to avoid being detected by his supporters who might form crowds and thereby complicating his movements. He travelled alone and was driving himself. Destination? He drove to a home in the Kisasi neighborhood not very far from the Tiruparti complex. This home belongs to his elder brother Fred Nyanzi Sentamu (aka Chairman). The state operatives, deployed to trail his movements that day, have disclosed that inside the Nyanzi house, Kyagulanyi was joined by two senior government ministers who came masked in rain coat-like clothing that covered their faces and other parts of the body.

The reason for this masking was to ensure none of the very inquisitive members of Chairman Nyanzi’s household got to recognize who they were. Indeed on seeing them arrive, some frightened Nyanzi family members asked “Daddy who are those people entering our home?” Kyagulanyi, who these days often uses that Nyanzi home for such clandestine missions, ensured the meeting comprised of strictly only four people; namely himself, Nyanzi and the two government officials.

Reliable sources tell Mulengera News that this was a follow up meeting building on the earlier one attended by one Minister promising to bring another colleague at the subsequent meeting. The idea is to convince Kyagulanyi that there are many disgruntled insiders in the system who are willing to collaborate with him and contribute the necessary campaign logistics provided they are assure their identity will for an eternity remain concealed just like Dr. Besigye has been doing for all these years. The Friday meeting concentrated on how insiders in the system can help Kyagulanyi to translate the anticipate post-January 2020 electoral frustration among his supporters into an Egypt-like uprising on which he can ride to force out Gen Museveni and become next President of Uganda.

The meeting also discussed the logistical requirements which must be in place to ensure Kyagulanyi doesn’t burn out immediately after 2021 elections as Gen Museveni is expected to be emotionally and financially exhausted and paranoid immediately after the elections. Kyagulanyi was assured there is no way he can become President through that election but it’s an important event that can create a spark and momentum driving masses onto the streets so that they force out Gen Museveni.

Reliable sources close to the two Sentamu brothers have revealed to Mulengera News that these meetings and many others yet to happen are being held at the prompting of a senior General who retired sometime back and embraced opposition politics but continues to count on the Kyagulanyi wave to create a Tsunami that he anticipates can finally sweep Gen Museveni out of State House. It’s further revealed that through the retired General and the two Ministers, a financial contribution of $100,000 (roughly Shs400m) was recently delivered to Kyagulanyi through his brother Chairman Nyanzi as a good will gesture.

Sources further say that the Sentamu brothers have remained skeptical and fearful that these officials might be out on a mission to trap and implicate them into subversive activities so that the State can have justification to clamp on them early enough and go as far as jailing Kyagulanyi and even putting him on treason trial to frustrate his nomination for Presidency. The two brothers also suspect the State might be using these officials to get some justification to raid their Kamwokya barracks and lay siege at their headquarters and thereby make many of their feeble-minded supporters very frightened.

Indeed, this apprehension explains why Kyagulanyi told the two officials at the Friday meeting that he needs time to consult more colleagues about the version of the anti-Museveni plan B that is being marketed to him. He is extremely fearful this might be a set-up trying to help the State to implicate him, says a source adding that it’s with that same caution that Kyagulanyi is approaching lower-rank soldiers trying to act in ways that depict them to be embracing his PP/NUP politics ahead of 2021.

Sources say Kyagulanyi initially believes there is a lot he can achieve through the ballot box and he is very apprehensive towards people trying to focus him into embracing any plan B. The dilemma is that he is being repeatedly told that even those harboring any plan B can only translate into success by leveraging on a high voltage politician of his profile that can command quick crowds within the districts making Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area. Despite all this sweet-talking, Kyagulanyi has unexpectedly remained very cautious towards embracing such ideas fronted by State insiders purporting to be supportive of the change crusade he is leading. He has preferred that different actors act using a method they are comfortable with as opposed to seeking to stampede others into things they aren’t comfortable going into. As they parted from the Friday night meeting, the two government officials were told to patiently wait for Kyagulanyi’s response after consultatively weighing all the options.

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