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By Mulengera Reporters


NUP President Bobi Wine Kyagulanyi Sentamu’s opening remark was a reference to God the heavenly creator. “May to God be the glory,” a jubilant Mr. Wine said to deafening applause from equally jubilant supporters and campaign officials who had gathered at the Kamwokya headquarters Wednesday early afternoon on hearing the good news from court. In the audience were some MPs, NUP candidates for the different positions and the lawyers who had delivered the court victory (through the Justice Musa Sekana Court) against Basil Difali and Twala Hassan.

The duo had applied to court seeking Kyagulanyi’s nullification as NUP president on grounds that the events preceding his ascendance to office didn’t comply with party constitution and the relevant laws of the land.


At the prompting of legal team leader Medard Segona, PP/NUP lawyer Anthony Wameli had run through a summary of what court said before Joel Senyonyi, who was the day’s MC, called Kyagulanyi to deliver his address. Briefly this is what Wameli said (phara-phrasing the judgment): case has been dismissed because the applicants ought to have brought a judicial review application which they dubiously avoided to circumvent the time requirements obliging them to complain to court within three months. That Twala and Difali, who Moses Nkonge Kibalama and Paul Simbwa Kagombe later joined as co-applicants, didn’t legally have any claim against Kyagulanyi and that their litigation against him was motivated by desire for publicity, political relevancy and money. That their attempts amounted to nothing but abusing and wasting court’s time. Sekana awarded costs against the Kibalamas, something an excited Senyonyi jokingly said would boost the party’s fundraising drive dubbed “muda ku muda.”

In summary the ruling (jointly secured by Kyagulanyi lawyers who Segona introduced to include Abdullah Kiwanuka, Nkunyingi Muwadda, Benjamin Katana, Nathan Mafabi, Ssaasi Marvin & Jonathan Elotu) confirmed that Kyagulanyi is the undisputed President of NUP. The same also validated candidate identification processes meaning those who nominated for elective positions as NUP flag bearers are free to carry on with their campaigns as the latest Sekana ruling confirms everything was okay. Senyonyi revealed that the understandable uncertainty created by the Kibalama court case prompted some of the politicians NUP had awarded its flag bearership to get nominated as independent candidates as they feared for the unknown.


Because he was in a hurry to go to Bulange where the Katikkiro was expecting him for a meeting, Kyagulanyi’s speech was unusually short and brief. He saluted the heroic Justice Sekana for being one of the few good/nice judges serving under what he repeatedly branded a rotten and decadent governance system. He also cautioned his chanting supporters not to become complacent so as to be duped by the Kibalama/Sekana ruling to begin thinking there is a properly functioning democracy in Uganda.

He said there isn’t any and it remains a duty of every Ugandan to fight hard until that ideal situation, where citizens’ voices matter, is achieved.

To Kyagulanyi, the ruling is also testimony that it’s possible he can win or defeat the veteran Gen Museveni in the January 2021 general elections and be declared the 10th President of Uganda. Kyagulanyi, who repeatedly referenced on the Holy Scriptures, implored his supporters not to lose faith in his struggle aimed at bringing veteran ruler YK Museveni’s reign to an end. Referencing on American civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Kyagulanyi said: “Faith is about taking the first step and hanging in there even when you don’t see the entire staircase.”



Kyagulanyi, who also repeated Senyonyi’s claim that more than 50 of the would-be NUP flag bearers for the MP Seats nominated as independents because of the uncertainty the Kibalama case created, urged his supporters to demonstrate extreme faith and resilience by turning up in large numbers to escort him to the Kyambogo Playgrounds on Tuesday 3rd November as he will be going for nominations to run or Presidency. Speaking earlier, Segona impliedly supported the Kyagulanyi observation that the unexpected win they registered in the Kibalama case is proof many more surprises await NUP in the forthcoming electioneering season. Like all the other speakers at the event, a very respectful Segona repeatedly referred to Kyagulanyi as “Your Excellency the President.” After the media briefing at Kamwokya, Kyagulanyi led his supporters to Bulange, a celebratory journey that was characterized by teargas among other forms of violence directed at the chanting crowd by the police and other security forces.

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