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By Mulengera Reporters

In his latest cabinet, Gen Museveni looked beyond pettiness and extended an olive branch by equitably sharing his political bread with even regions that didn’t treat him favorably in the recent general elections. We believe this is the only way one can explain the lion’s share clearly hostile regions like Buganda had off the cabinet slice.

Kabaka Mutebi’s Buganda region was allocated 23 Ministerial slots (including Minsa Kabanda, Judith Nabakooba, Vincent Sempijja, Kiwanuka Kiryowa, Ruth Nankabirwa, Katumba Wamala, JC Muyingo, Amos Lugoloobi, Haruna Kasolo, Anifa Kawooya Bangirana, Diana Mutasingwa Nankunda, Dr. Sam Mayanja, Joyce Sebugwawo, Aisha Sekindi, Kabuye Kyofatogabye), West has 22 (of whom 13 are full cabinet ministers) and East had a total of 19 and North 17.

Buganda 8 full Cabinet Ministers & 16 state ones. And when it comes to full cabinet Ministers, East has 7 including VP Alupo; West 13 including Gen Museveni himself and North 4.  And for State Ministers, East has 9, West 9 and North 13. Buganda (which is home to more than 70% of all economic activities in Uganda) still numerically dominates with 15 state ministers. It’s intriguing to many political pundits that Gen Museveni has still empowered Buganda region even when majority voters rejected him in favor of Bobi Wine. Whereas West gave him 81% vote, North 68% and East 53%, Buganda actively rejected Gen Museveni with only 36% as the rest (over 62%) went to Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu of NUP party.



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