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By Mulengera Reporters

If you are part of the NRM and you sympathize with SG Kasule Lumumba in her wars against EC Chairman Dr. Odoi Tanga, this is one hell of a story you will enjoy reading and sharing. The cohesion Tanga has always claimed to have cultivated among his commissioners has clearly collapsed with some of the EC members rallying behind his deputy Arimpa Kigyagyi to stand up to his chauvinism like never before.


Those fraternizing with Kigyagyi claim that Tanga has repeatedly used the EC accountant Olwo, his blue eyed boy from Tororo, to sideline all the others and keep them away from participating in making decisions relating to procuring the relevant materials required to facilitate the electoral process within the party. And in the process, many of them have been pushed to the periphery from where they are salivating as others are enjoying a plentiful season.

Kigyagyi sympathizers also claim that Tanga only works very closely with Commissioner Jane Alisemera Babiha, the former Bundibugyo woman MP who is subservient to everything he says or dictates to become the official position of the EC. Subsequently the two leaders Tanga and Kigyagyi have ended up exchanging very ugly letters as shared under this story.

Some of the confidential mail exchanges showing Tanga and Kigyagyi taking totally contradicting positions on key NRM election matters. For instance, the two are fronting two rival politicians to the national EC as ruling NRM party flag bearers for Bugiri LC Chairmanship. This apparent lack of cohesion has confused many with some petitioning SG Kasule Lumumba to intervene. 

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