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By Mulengera Reporters

New Minister of Lands Beti Olive Kamya Namisango has described People Power leader Bobi Wine Kyagulanyi Sentamu as “a Kampala-inflated politician who doesn’t have work on the ground.” Speaking on Steven Dunstan Busulwa’s very popular Negwozadde political program on 89.6fm Top Radio this Saturday morning, Kamya said Mr. Wine is an opportunist “who has been jumping on popular opposition politicians during byelections, like he did in Bugiri and Arua, to create an impression that he is a very popular kingmaker which isn’t the case.”

Beti Kamya in the Top Radio studios with Steven Dunstan Busulwa who hosted her this Saturday morning

This is how Kamya eloquently made her point: “Bobi Wine is just very good at calculating. He sits down and works out who is more popular in this Municipality by election and stands higher chance to win? He then declares that is the one he supports. In Arua, Kassiano Wadri had his ground and the truth is he didn’t need Bobi Wine to win. The same goes for Bugiri where Asuman Basalirwa had his personal strengths and would after all win and become pioneer MP for that Municipality. I challenge Bobi Wine to show his political muscle by picking on a weak candidate and turn him or her into a win. That is how kingmakers are measured rather than just scheming to jump on people who are going to win anyway.”

Insisting that Mr. Wine’s was a political bubble with no verifiable or visible presence outside Kampala, Beti Kamya (who was alone in the studio without anybody to contradict her views) said: “I have just been in Bushenyi where I asked about Bobi Wine and people sarcastically just laughed. They have no idea what he stands for. All they know is the name Bobi Wine the musician. I was in Namutumba [in Busoga] and the story is the same. I hail from Kooki where nobody knows him and even when it’s in his native Central region, his group will struggle to get even a single candidate for whatever position there. I was in Lwamagwa [an economically fairly busy place] and when I asked about Bobi Wine, people sarcastically laughed clearly showing there aren’t for him. They actually don’t even know him and what his People Power stands for. They even have no representatives there and you wonder who is going to campaign for him in such places. Even in Kampala, he is there not because he is an excellent exceptional politician who has articulated any unique ideas. It’s because he has grown up as a young musician there. That is what all this excitement is all about and not because he stands for something that he will articulate and influence policy for the people to lead a better life.”

Beti Kamya says, contrary to what many people think, Dr. Kizza Besigye is still formidable as a leader of opposition 

Beti Kamya speaking live from the Top Radio studios


Busulwa always allows his guests time to develop and argue out their thoughts and that exactly is what he did for Beti Kamya this Saturday morning enabling her say all she wanted to. Kamya, who used the same program to declare she is running for Rubaga North MP Seat in 2021 claiming she has done a lot for people there, also compared Mr. Wine to Col Kizza Besigye under whom she initially worked vehemently opposing President Museveni in 2001 (before bitterly falling out with him in 2008). And this is how she made her case: “Dr. Besigye is way much better and bigger politically. You can’t compare him with Bobi Wine who is only in Kampala. Dr. Besigye has his support in different parts of the country though its way below that of President Museveni. At least people know him unlike Bobi Wine who you ask about and they only laugh sarcastically. Besigye still has his 3.5m votes and the damage Bobi Wine can do is to maybe eat into it by taking away about 500,000 votes mostly in Kampala and Wakiso but the truth is Besigye still beats Bobi Wine by far.”

Kamya rhetorically said it would therefore be an insult for the moderator Busulwa to claim that Bobi Wine, who can’t even threaten Besigye’s 3.5m votes, can mount any threat to President Museveni who she predicted will win 2021 very comfortably.

Beti Kamya predicts Hon Kyagulanyi can’t score more than 500,000 votes in 2021 general elections compared to Besigye who she is confident can still leverage on the 3.5m votes he scored in 2016

Saying in her case she learnt a bitter lesson after failing to defeat Museveni on 4 occasions (2001, 2006 when she backed KB, 2011 when she stood herself & 2016 when she backed JPAM), Kamya urged the people of Kampala to shun all opposition candidates and elect NRM ones like herself “because they are simply wasting your time to keep getting elected to get salaries as MPs and councilors without working hard enough to capture the Presidency.”

She said the ideal thing all position politicians must do is to work hard enough to be noticed and lured into government rather than turning opposition into their final destination. “How can you be in the opposition for 20 years and you hear some being criticized that Hon so & so today you spoke as if you aren’t in opposition which shows to some people being in opposition has become a calling and destination of sorts,” Kamya said adding this erroneous way of looking at things partly explains why she left the opposition. “I one time told them why do we waste much time and resources on Presidency which we can’t get? Why don’t we concentrate our resources on capturing more MP Seats and we make the impact from there? Its what Museveni has mastered which is why he is always campaigning hard to keep the NRM majority in Parliament because that is where he derives all the power to govern this country the way he does.” (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 or email us at 

Besides bashing Bobi Wine, Beti Kamya also used Busulwa’s prime talk show to announce she will be reclaiming her Rubaga North MP Seat on the NRM ticket



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