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By Mulengera Reporters

During an interview with CBS FM, which has since gone viral on social media, Dr. Kizza Besigye gives his views on the recent cabinet redeployments including the defection of his fellow Reform Agenda and FDC co-founder Joyce Nabbosa Sebugwawo. Renowned for his political sophistication, the veteran politician from Rwakabengo implores fellow change activists to avoid being diverted off the ball and bigger picture which is Gen YK Museveni.

Col Besigye says it would be fallacious for anyone to anticipate better service delivery and better treatment of citizens simply because a team of excellent political leaders has been assembled to constitute a new cabinet. He says this country has witnessed many cabinet reshuffles, including those which ushered in the most seasoned politicians to serve as Prime Ministers, but nothing significantly ever changed in the quality of life for the ordinary citizens.

“We have been changing Ministers, Vice President, Prime Minister and all the others but one office holder has remained constant and unchanged and that is Mr. Museveni. It’s only change at that level that will cause this country to register real progress otherwise I don’t see how people like Robinah Nabanja can be the problem,” Besigye said. His view is it makes no difference whether the Prime Minister is Nabanja or any other person that her critics consider to be of better pedigree than the widely-misunderstood Kakumiro Woman MP (as long as Gen Museveni remains President).  

The FDC founding President asserts that all change-seeking forces should keep up the pressure demanding an end to Gen Museveni’s rule (he calls him the Junta) as opposed to concentrating on soft targets like Nabanja who will simply never be allowed space to exercise any real political power even when they superficially come off as holding very big offices. That he who has always constrained things and made it impossible for Nabanja’s predecessors to freely exercise any power while making service delivery-related decisions is well known and he is the one that all change-seeking forces should keep targeting as opposed to the likes of the new PM-designate who are mere proxies in the larger contestation for political power in this country.

On the Sebugwawo saga, Col Besigye says the former Buganda Kingdom Minister who is also an auntie to Nabagereka Sylvia Nagginda should be understood against the background that the struggle has taken so long to be completed and individual actors like herself can only contribute so much.

“I can never be angry at anyone who leaves especially after doing as much as Oweek Sebugwawo has done. We can only wish her the best of luck in the Junta she has joined but those of us remaining must carry on as opposed to directing insults at her. She has done what she could and we appreciate her contribution though I’m doubtful she can have any impact serving as a Minister in the Junta,” asserted Besigye renowned for his forgiveness and insistence on remaining focused on the bigger picture of things. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at 






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