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By Mulengera Elections Desk

People’s Government (PG) junior Tourism Minister Doreen Nyanjura has spoken out on her loss to Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) rebel Councillor Abubaker Kawalya in Thursday’s Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Speaker race.

Kawalya, the Rubaga North Councillor, got 17 votes; Nyanjura, the official FDC flagbearer, polled 14, while Kawempe North’s Muhammad Ssegirinya managed one out of the 32 votes cast.

Speaking after Kawalya was declared KCCA Speaker, Nyanjura “congratulated those who won the race” but was suspicious of the deal her rival had struck with Kyambogo University Councillor Bruhan Byaruhanga of the ruling National Resistance Movement.

“This was an alliance,” she said, then became stingy with details of the coalition that some in FDC have been criticizing since Wednesday when it emerged that Kawalya had forged a coalition with Kyambogo Councillor Bruhan Byaruhanga of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM).

The Kawalya-Byaruhanga deal saw both Councillors win the Speaker and Deputy Speaker races. Byaruhanga polled 18 to trump FDC’s Doreen Sabuka, who got 13 votes.

However, a visibly-disappointed Nyanjura heaped praises on her party’s leadership for endorsing her candidature.

“I will continue working and serving the people. I’m proud of the party, grateful that the party nominated me and I pledge to stand by the core values of the party and to continue serving it,” she said.

Asked what she thought of the electoral process that crushed her political dreams at City Hall, Nyanjura said she thought the polling exercise “was free and fair for now” but “my team will sit and review the process.”

“If [they think] it was not fair, we’ll inform you on the way forward,” added Nyanjura, the candidate blessed by FDC’s National Executive Committee (NEC) and opposition strongman Besigye.

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