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By Mulengera Reporters 

Chaired by Kazo County MP Dan Kimosho, the Parliamentary Adhoc Committee inquiring into the Nakawa-Naguru land give away saha has this Tuesday interfaced with Beatrice Byenkya Nyakayisiki who chairs the Uganda Land Commission (ULC) which handled the entire land distribution exercise for the 82 acre prime land located in Kampala’s Nakawa Division.

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During her appearance, Byenkya (renowned for taking no prisoners) pronounced herself on a number of things including the 15 acres the President directed ULC to give to an elusive company called “Internal Medicine of Virginia PC” with its unverified address claimed to be 1179 Courthouse Rd Suite 1 Stafford, VA 22554 United States. Led on by Tororo Woman MP Sarah Opendi, Byenkya said that as part of their due diligence (as ULC), they demanded a physical meeting with the Directors of the company but no one offered to step forward.

That the supposed company Directors played hide and seek until Covid19 came up and offered them a perfect excuse. That they informed ULC they are unable to come in person for any meetings because of the travel restrictions that had been imposed as part of the broader global Coronavirus response. Byenkya said that, even when they clearly got frustrated with all this elusiveness, they couldn’t throw out the company because it was a directive from the President who occasionally followed up via written letters and phone calls to her.

She told the shocked Committee members that when they became frustrated interfacing with the company’s Directors in physical terms, Gen Museveni wrote another letter to her advising that the company’s name changes to “Internal Medicine of Uganda.” Opendi wondered why ULC wasn’t leveraging on the records at URSB to establish the company details. Byenkya said they had been unable to establish much in that direction only telling the Committee: “Let me stop there on that. Mzee called me and gave me Farouk‘s phone number. I rang him (Farouk) and when we told him to come with certain documents, he would say but it’s a Presidential directive.”

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Byenkya further explained that she later on established that this Farouk man was of a gentleman of Arab origin based in the Mbarara neighborhood though he was too elusive to grant any requests for physical meeting. Dan Kimosho, an independent-minded legislator despite hailing from a strong NRM area of Kiruhura/Kazo, insisted on holding Byenkya culpable wondering how the ULC she led (before being interdicted by the same Gen Museveni) would proceed to allocate an entire 15 acres of prime land in such a prime location to a company whose Directors remained unknown.

Byenkya defended herself with this response: “It was a Presidential directive and by the way, I wanted to point this out to the President during the presidential elections campaigns of 2021 when he was campaigning in Hoima but he just said you go and honor my directive.” Majority committee members and journalists present concluded there was no way the Byenkya-led ULC would get away with this.

Evidently, going by what she told the Committee, the Presidential pressure was simply too much for the former Hoima Woman MP. Byenkya then concurred with Dan Kimosho‘s suggestion that there must simply have been too much political interference into the ULC work regarding the Naguru land allocations before she demanded the exit of journalists so that she can let out more secrets.

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Byenkya, who is faulted for messing up things at ULC, remains suspended along with her CEO Barbara Imaryo as the IGG team, led by the unrelenting Annie Muhairwe, continues investigating graft at the Nakawa-based Uganda Land Commission.

As all this is happening a well-decorated army General (names withheld) reputed for being a boyfriend for one of the indicted ULC staffers has relentlessly been lobbying to get the IGG go slow on the inquest which the overall IGG boss Beti Kamya maintains that Gen Museveni has demonstrable interest in.

Being a fair person and one desperate to avoid being misunderstood, Kamya has personally kept away from the inquest because her personal quarrels with Beatrice Byenkya, who she supervised as Lands Ministers, are legendary and publicly well known. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at




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